War Zone Nephilim Changes Matched Play in Some HUGE Ways


Games Workshop workshop has released some hints as to what’s coming in the new War Zone Nephilim.

First, let’s take a look at the changes.

“First up, secondary objectives have received an overhaul. No more flipping between books – all the secondary objectives you can pick from are revised and collated here. That includes faction-specific objectives – there are even secondary objectives for factions that haven’t yet received their newest codex, such as the bold Astra Millitarum or frenzied World Eaters.”

Secondary Objectives Receive an Overhaul

From Games Workshop:

Each player starts with three generic secondary objectives – Assassination, Grind Them Down, and Behind Enemy Lines – which they can swap out ahead of deployment. Another change – there are no limits when it comes to faction secondary objectives. If you want to pick two objectives specific to your faction, or even all three, go right ahead – so long as they’re all from a different category.”

Command Points Get Nerfed

From Games Workshop:

“Perhaps the biggest shift comes with Command points. Players now start each battle with half as many as before – three for Incursions and six for Strike Force battles. What’s more, there are no freebies in Nephilim – players must now also pay a Command point for their first Warlord Trait and Relic, using two new Core Requisition Stratagems”

What does Pro Player Colin Mcdade think this will change to Matched Play?

We asked one of our pro players Colin Mcdade, also one of the top players in the world, what he thinks the implications are of what’s been released so far and what we’re about to see coming very soon to matched play. Here’s what he had to say:

What was your first thought when you say this?


First, it’s a big boon for Space Marine players as now they can take another faction secondary plus Oaths of moment.

Second, Guard seem to come out really winning multiple good secondaries.

Third, Armies that rely on multiple detachments and lots of War Lord Traits and relics will get hit hard.

What would be an example of this that you could see happening that would be effective?


Dark angel terminator spam hitting the table again with stubborn defiance and Oaths or Blood angel with heavy Sanguinary guard and DC hitting the table with both Oaths of moment and their battlefield supremacy one

Which armies do you really see coming out winning after this? Which secondaries are most important to them from this update that will make a big difference?

All 3 of the book secondaries they previewed are insanely good. A better version of engage, another is essentially an auto 15 (killing units of off objectives) and one that is a better version of RND(retrieve data) for some of the missions.

Which armies will be hit the hardest?


Custodes, Nids, Tau and Eldar are all hit the hardest by the Munitorum Field Manual point updates.

The CP changes hurt armies like Orks and necrons and other armies that require multiple detachments to work.

What’s your conclusion on what we’ll see in the meta?

All the current top armies are going to be getting hit with a 10-30% points nerf.

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