Top 5 Social Distancing games

social distancing games

In this article, I will give you my top 5 social distancing games! These are some of the best ways to still have fun with friends and with your favorite hobby! All the while staying safe and sound at home and even play solo for some of them. These are 5 simple games only requires you to have:

-A video camera

-A zoom, Facetime or whatever connection on your phone or computer 

-The game itself

If you are at home with kids or with your significant other, they are also perfect for you and your little home crew! (The top 5 is just a list! Not in any particular order. I will not be the one to tell you which games are the best for you! You are the best judge of you and your crew!)

Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress

This game the second successor to the famous Hero Quest that came out when I was just a toddler. With years of experience, they were able to make an exciting dungeon crawling adventure! Complete with leveling up of your band of heroes, discovering artifacts and tough challenges.

The story progresses through different scenarios and you’ll discover the secret that lies at the heart of the Blackstone Fortress. You have a host of beautiful heroes and enemies to play with. Fun to paint, easy and quick to do with simple techniques and a lot of detail to push your techniques if you want to.

They are also usable in Warhammer 40K and Kill Team so you get plenty of value for your money once you are done painting them. A lot of expansions came out for this, so once you are done with the main game and want to know more and still see your heroes’ progress, just go and buy them. This game also offers great replay possibilities and a solo experience if you want to play it by yourself.

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is the first successor to Hero Quest and came out a couple of years ago. In this one you are exploring the Silver Tower of Tzeentch with a band of heroes that don’t know anything about each other and have different goals. To get out of this tower you have to work together in order to get the 8 keys that will get you to the Gaunt Summoner and ask for your release or force him to let you leave.

You level up your heroes and complete missions while gathering artifacts. If you like Warhammer Age of Sigmar this is the game for you! Plus you get a lot of heroes for your armies and future projects. A couple of expansions were done for this one also.

This game is discontinued but available pretty much everywhere on the internet so feel free to look. You can play this game solo as there is a lot of rules that generate challenges in the dungeons randomly so it’s an amazing game to play by yourself.

Dungeons and Dragons

The most famous roleplaying game is so easy to play with friends through these weird times! This game is also the easiest to implement of the social distancing games. I play at least twice a week and it’s a great way to stay connected while getting out of everyday life. Your video camera and a system of video chat are all you need to make the magic happen (plus the game and dice of course). Through zoom or D20, for example, you can share the content of your screen so it’s easy to draw a map of what the adventurers are in and have the players share the same reference.

Check out the Night’s Team Live Stream Playing D&D a Few Days Ago!

If you can play with folks at home, then you can just skip the video camera. This roleplaying game is not like the other references since it draws from references that are not Warhammer related so the elves are different but similar, same thing for humans and goblins for example.

Have a look through our Facebook page and you’ll see a couple of our games and scenarios to whet your appetite while you wait for your dice order to come in.

Wrath and Glory

You always wanted to be a Space Marine? A famous Rogue Trader? An Inquisitor? A priest of the Machine God? Here is what you always dreamed of.

This is THE roleplaying experience for you Warhammer 40K fans. Live the experience of being what you play on the tabletop! You are not the general of an army dealing with casualties by tossing them aside in your case from your high perch. You ARE the character that just got shot and succeeded his armor save by sheer luck, but you know your life is forfeit if you stay there.

Your friends are your partners in the same situation as you and their lives are not as easy to toss aside. What do you do?! This is the amazing world of Warhammer 40,000 brought to you in a shared experience through a zoom, Facetime or whatever you want to use.

Crucible 7 just came out with the rulebook and you can get it digitally or printed or both. They have modules of adventures so that you can start playing as fast as possible.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

You know what they say! No epic stories start at home with warm milk (or something like that…) Except with this.

Have whatever beverage you want to have at home and share the fantastical universe of Warhammer Fantasy with friends and family through your Zoom or Facetime app. This is the universe just before Age of Sigmar came to be. The humans still don’t know that Skavens are a thing. The Elves are still fighting each other through High and Dark Magic. The Lizardmen are mysterious dinosaurs living in a jungle full of splendors and Dwarves never leave their mountains except for rare exceptions (looking at you Gotrek).

Rough Nights and Hard Days came out with a couple of modules that make it easy and quick for you to create characters and start your journey in the World-that-Was through awesome adventures and perils.

Top 5 Social Distancing games epicness conclusion

These are just a fragment of all the amazing possibilities that are still available to us passionate hobbyists. Go look at these games and let us know what you think of those suggestions and your experience with them. We are all in this together and as we stand physically apart, our hobby keeps us united!

What are your favorite social distancing games? Tell us in the comments!

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