Top 5 Reveals from Warhammer Fest 2022 Day 1


Warhammer Fest Day 1 is in the books and today was all about Warhammer 40k. The Nights’ Team was watching intently and shared some of the updates over on our Instagram story as they were happening. New Trikes, World Eaters, and Chapter Approved inbound!

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1. Squats New Vehicle: Hover Trikes

The Leagues of Votann got their first vehicle preview in the form of Hover Trikes (Hernkyn Pioneer). Compared to the original three wheeled predecessors, this model overhaul is a welcome change to the archaic styling of the 1980’s! This sculpt features contact points that gives it the illusion of hovering without the use of the fragile flying stands we’re all accustomed to.

Fest2022 LoV May4 Image3

It’s sleek, yet teched out appearance lends itself nicely to the aesthetic of the other models previewed last month! Also revealed is a glimpse at a female Kin, ready to take up arms to support the cause. With shotguns being typically short range, this looks to be a fast, hard hitting unit ready to charge up the battlefield. Here in the studio, we’re all excited to see what comes next from our squatty space Dwarven clans!

Fest2022 LoV May4 Image1
Fest2022 LoV May4 Image2

2. Chapter Approved: Command Points Are Changing

Chapter Approved has been a bench mark of competitive play since it’s release a few years back. As a shocking turn, Games Workshop will release the points adjustments from this season completely for free on either the app or the Warhammer community website. This means that finding your latest points updates will be consolidated to one area instead of guessing which points adjustments are the most up to date for your faction.

Fest2022 ChapterApp May4 Image1

Additionally, there is a massive update to how we will receive command points moving forward. Less at the beginning of the game and more at the end of the game can lead to a less oppressive first turn and early game and a more consistent gameplay experience throughout. We’ve all had opponents that have been able to front load their stratagems to huge impact on wrecking our initial forces and tearing our deployment lines asunder.

Fest2022 ChapterApp May4 Image2

3. World Eaters: Getting their own Codex for the first time!

For the first time in the history of Warhammer 40,000, the fearsome World Eaters will be getting their own book. Able to form a new identity, this may hearken the arrival of their own Primarch, Angron, Lord of the Red Sands. There has already been rumors that he has returned from his banishment of the warp and entered realspace, ready to conquer and control in the name of Khorne!

Fest2022 Khorne May4 Image2
Fest2022 Khorne May4 Image1

With that, Khorne berserkers are getting an overhaul, sharpening and readying their newly fashioned chainaxes previewed in the Warhammer Fest breakdown. Being bereft of a model update for many years, this fresh new look on such an iconic unit will be a welcome addition to many Chaos forces!

4. Chaos Space Marines New Models & Updates

Heretic Astartes are getting a full model range update from possessed, to cultists, to daemon princes, to a brand new unit called ‘torments.’ All of these models look absolutely amazing, deadly, and downright twisted. A particular favorite around the office are the Cultist Mutants. The variations are gnarly and we can’t wait to get our hands on them and see how ya’ll paint them.

Torments appear to be a fast attack choice, able to leap and bound across the battlefield quickly to threaten enemy lines in the early turns of the game.

Not to mention, we are still looking forward to more information regarding Legionaries, the new Warpsmith and Chaos Chosen.

5. New Chaos Daemon Prince Model

Fest2022 DaemonPrince May4 Image2
Fest2022 DaemonPrince May4 Image3

This thing is a beauty to behold! Not only is it huge and completely terrifying there is so much you can do with it. Drop it in with your Chaos Space Marines or other chaos army of your choice.

AND, look at all those customizations. They’re nearly endless. Truly, this is going to be an amazing new Daemon Prince!

Warhammer Fest Day 1 Wrap Up

That’s it for today! If you missed the Live Stream or want to see it in all it’s glory head over to the Warhammer Twitch Channel.

Stay tuned for the rest of the week as we cut the fluff and bring you the best of the best 40k Announcements from Warhammer Fest.

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