The Queen Of The Necrons vs. The Angel of Node Studios

Eve's Necrons and D's Blood Angels go head-to-head in a Burn and Pillage match!


It’s a battle for the ages this week as Eve, the reigning Queen of the Necrons, takes on a special guest and friend of the show, D from Node studios and his army of blood angels.

This week, the name of the game is Burn and Pillage, with both armies rushing to overtake and annihilate each other’s 3 crucial objective points!

The tale of the tape shows that each combatant has brought a formidable army with them. Eve is charging in with her ever-reliable squads of tomb blades, which provide fast-moving fire support for her hard-hitting Destroyer units. When combined with the reinforcement of 10 elite Necron Immortals, they’ll prove to be a nightmare for anyone looking to protect their objectives.

However, The Blood Angels are never one to back down from a fight, and have come to this battle loaded for bear. Leading the charge is Commander Dante, backed by 5 Death Company Troopers and 4 Sanguinary Guards, each of them fully capable of shredding units in close combat. He’s backed this up with both a Baal Predator Tank and a Stormraven gunship, each bristling with weapons and ready to provide overwatch for his ground troops.

Will D’s band of brutal close-combat experts be able to permanently put down Eve’s resurrecting forces? Click below to find out!



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