The Next Wave of Anvil Industry Regiments Is Here!

New minis can boost your bionic battalion!


Anvil Industry, the famous producer of high-quality, modular minis, has released an entirely new wave of minis, with a line of bionics and TONS of customization options to let you build whatever you want!

For your new bionic forces, you’ll have your choice of 14 different heads, 5 different sets of legs, tons of different weapons, and even some new hands!


All of these parts are built on the 28mm Heroic scale, and can work with GW original figures or any of a number of third-party manufacturers!

This new set is perfect for all of you who love customizing and putting together minis. With these high-quality additions, you’re sure to have the best-looking (and deadliest) army on the battlefield!

Check out all the different parts and options here!


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