The 5 Best Stratagems in the Imperial Knights Codex


The Imperial Knights codex brings to the battlefield a set of hard-hitting new stratagems that offer a range of new tactical options for your Knights army. These new stratagems will definitely redefine how you will play, and will make the already-intimidating Knights even more of a nightmare to bring down! Here are five new stratagems that will give you a jumpstart in any battles!

  1. The Death Grip

A short range but lethal shot if done right. It can cast D3 mortal wound on enemies when successfully rolled. Either the enemy breaks free or they end up dying with additional D3 wounds in every roll. This Stratagem can easily grind anything short of a Hive Tyrant into paste!

  1. Ion Aegis

This Stratagem is great for allied Imperial Knights, letting you use a Knight Castellan or Knight Valiant to shield the troops at its feet.  It may not turn your troop invisible but it can help them withstand a turn with little to no damage, for a little compromise.

  1. The Exploding Knight

This stratagem can increase your chances of winning by 50% (or more for the Dominicus class). It is a suicidal move, but you can bring enemies down with your Knight as you do.  If the odds are driving one of your knights up against the wall, this can be a good contingency plan to lock up on victory. Just make sure you reserve a couple of Command Points to pull off this move when the need arises.

  1. Valiant Last Stand

This is an alternative to Noble Sacrifice, in case you weren’t able to reserve enough Command Points for that move. The Valiant Last Stand is great for any Knights with powerful weaponry as they can be particularly deadly with conflagration cannon.

If your Knight is on its last wound and has a reduced Ballistic Skill, this Stratagem will bypass that and will let you fire massive flamer that hits automatically!

  1. Exalted Court

Want to make maximum use of the new Warlord Traits in the new codex? This Stratagem lets you nominate up to two additional Knights in your force as Characters and gives them each a Warlord Trait.

No matter what your playing style is, these new Strategems will allow the Knights to dish out even more punishment than they’re already famous for! Be sure to check out the new Codex and add it to your collection as soon as possible!

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