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Geek Retreat Middlesbrough Proving Grounds II Winning Lists May 2022 Warhammer 40K

Geek Retreat Middlesbrough Proving Grounds II Winning Lists: Adepta Sororitas has conquered once again and has defeated anyone that tried to stand in their way. Games Workshop has done really well to even out the armies datasheets. Geek Retreat Middlesbrough 1st Place Steve Zodiac – Adepta Sororitas Adepta Sororitas,

Gibraltar winning lists April 2022 Warhammer 40K

Gibraltar winning lists: Harlequins continue to laugh at the Competitive meta winning the top spot at all 3 Majors this weekend. Games Workshop has announced a Balance Dataslate to deal with the sheer inequity of this army but as of right now the math is simply in the Embrace
fools errand winning lists

Fools Errand Winning Lists Warhammer 40k April 2022

This is the Fools Errand Winning Lists! While some may think it’s a Fool’s Errand to try and beat Light Harlequins, others are out and about doing just that. While others are running around with their own clown posse. Especially in the case of the Dark Harlequin players at
michigan gt warhammer 40k

Michigan GT Warhammer 40k Winning Lists

131 players proved that you never give up, never surrender and there’s Death or Glory this past weekend at the Michigan GT Warhammer 40k Tournament. As a battle point tournament anyone could win the event provided their scores were high enough. In fact one undefeated player was in 25th

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