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Top Tau Tactics, Defense and Good Screening – Knights At The Game Table

  Any tau player with a game under their belt knows that tau dominate the shooting phase.  However, with tau’s best close combat unit being a mediocre character and having no psychic phase presence, other armies tend to try to bully tau in those phases rather than take them

Center Control

  In my article a couple weeks ago, I talked about how to control the area around objectives.  However there is one location on the board more important to control than individual objectives – the center.  In chess, the closer to the center of the board a piece is

Board Control Basics!

When talking about how to become a better 40k player, it’s common to point to small tricks or tips that are the secret to becoming better. The problem with relying on tricks is that, due to their reliance on very specific board states, they are difficult to consistently apply

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