Starting the New Year Off With a Bang!


Hey guys, I hope you all a great and happy new year! I’m personally going to hit the ground running with a whole bunch of cool 40k related things, and I wanted to share some of them with you!
Charity Hammer! Friday January 4th at 6pm PST I’ll be taking place in a 48 streaming marathon sponsored by The Best in Faction Podcast and Nights at the Game Table in Seattle! A bunch of big names in the hobby will be making guest appearances and playing for your entertainment, including myself, John Lennon, Colin Sherman and many more! We’ll be playing a lot of different types of games including an RTT featuring the top 8 ranked players attending and two fun matches where players can bid on what they want me to play. Right now I’m slotted to play mono Ad Mech for one game, and pure Dark Eldar but 1500 points must be wych cult for another. Should be a great time! The event is free to watch here, but we do ask that if you please donate. All proceeds will go to the charity Child’s Play!

Immediately after the charity event I’ll be heading off to the airport to fly straight to Louisiana. That’s where I’ll be spending the next week (Jan 7th-Jan 11th) with Adam Abramaowicz from The Best General podcast and The Army Painter. We’re going to build and paint my new Ork army from scratch so I have something to play! I’ve recently partnered with The Army Painter to learn to pint more quickly and effectively, so they’ve graciously offered to supply me with my LVO list, teach me how to paint it to a high standard in a record fast amount of time using “The Army Painter Method”.
As a Pro 40k player it can challenging keeping up with painting and hobbying while keeping up with the bleeding edge competitive aspect of the hobby. However, I think we’ve found a solution! With The Army Painter Method I’m going to find out if it’s possible to build and paint 2000+ points of Orks in 5 days! And of course, we’ll be filming the whole process every step of the way so you guys can see exactly how it’s all coming along. Surely, if I can do it with Orks you can do it with anything!

But wait there’s more!
Because after playing 40k for 48 hours straight, flying a red eye down to Louisiana, and painting 2000 points of Orks in 5 days wasn’t enough, I decided to tack on even more to this journey. Straight from Louisiana I’ll be flying to Washington DC to take part in Hammer in the New Year, which is also being sponsored by Nights at the Game Table! Hammer in the New Year is a 32 person GT, which I’ve attended for the past couple years. While the competition is small, it’s insanely stiff. Top players attending include, myself, Tony Kopach, Andrew Gonyo, Sean Nayden, Matt Schuhcman, Steven Fore, and Werner Born. That is 8/32 current for former Team America ETC players. Between these 8 guys I’d guess there’s easily 30+ GT wins as well. So, this should be some really solid practice before LVO. And what better way to show off my new, fresh, awesome paint job than to show it off at an event the day after it gets finished!

Be sure to check in on all 3 legs of this journey, there will be lots of live streaming and updating throughout the event. Lots of gaming, hobbing, charitying, and even my potential LVO ork list to follow in the next week. You won’t want to miss a second. Ok so, that’s it for what may be the busiest two weeks of my life. After all that I’m going to meander back to New Jersey, crawl into my bed, and sleep until 2020. See you guys next year!

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