Special ATC / Team Format Clinic Wednesday June 5th


ATC and ETC are two of the most challenging, unique and fun tournaments out there, yet so little is know about the strategy that goes into team composition and pairings. Every week in my Nights PRO group I teach clinics on the various different factions: Imperial, Chaos, Aeldari, Xenos, and General 40k, however this coming Wednesday June 5th I’m going to amend the agenda and do a one off special clinic on ATC/ETC Team comp and pairing strategy. I mean who better to learn from than the previous years winner of both ATC and ETC!?
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Clinics format it basically works like this: I have a basic curriculum off specific points I want to cover, and additionally I answer whatever questions you (the members) come up with. You have a week to post up your questions leading up to the clinic, so that way you can have your questions even if you can’t attend live. The video is then saved, so you can they re-watch at your leisure, or so you can watch even if you couldn’t make it live.
To sign up for Nights PRO lite in order to access the special ATC clinics and all the other things I offer click here! The Team format is my favorite format, and I would love to see competitive 40k eventually evolve into a team sport following suit of ATC and ETC. Join Nights PRO and be ahead of the curve!

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