Sneak Peek Codex Supplement: Iron Hands

The Iron Hands are known for their durability, due to replacing their “weak” flesh with bionics. The Codex Supplement for this mechanical chapter looks to emphasize that. Let’s take a look!
What’s Inside?
First up is the Calculated Fury ability. Which will really emphasize what Iron Hands already are good at. Using lots of vehicles. Plus now your mechanized units are freed up from needing Captain support. This means all your heavy units can move and shoot to their fullest ability.
There are six warlord traits for the Iron Hands, and the one we have here is interesting. Student of History gives the Iron Hands warlord the ability to choose which combats he wants to be a part of. This will keep your units where they need to be.
But let’s not forget about psykers who can use the Technomancy Discipline. This allows for the Librarians of the Iron Hands to protect their vehicles or harm their enemies’. Blessing of the Machine God is a huge boon. Combined with Calculated Fury, this gives you hitting on 2s rerolling 1s. Meaning that vehicle will likely hit its target every time.
Iron Hands also have a grouping of Relics and special-issue wargear. The Iron Stone is a pretty big one. As this relic gives vehicles near the warlord serpent shields essentially. Combined with the Iron Hands trait Merciless Logic giving a 6+ feel no pain, vehicles will be very hard to take down.
Finally, we have the stratagems for the Iron Hands, of which the Supplement includes 16. Here we have Mnemonic Auto-savant. Which is huge for those tactical objective based games, like Kingslayer here on Nights. Being able to double score an objective could turn the tide in your favor.
In Conclusion
As you can see from the table of contents there’s a lot of information about the Iron Hands to be found out. Plus we’ve got it on good authority that Raven Guard will be getting some info tomorrow. Based on the Supplements so far these Chapters should be forces to be reckoned with at the game table.
As always, a big thanks to Games Workshop for the images provided for this article.
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