Sneak Peek Battle Report: Orks vs. Aeptus Mechanicus


We’re entering the hottest part of the summer, and things are definitely heating up at the NATGT office! This week in our members area, we’ve got one of our newer players, Steven, who’s bringing his Adeptus Mechanicus to stomp out Kevin’s Ork legion! With the symbol of the Imperium’s mechanical might squaring off against one of the most terrifying Xenos around, you know there’s going to be some grisly action on the way!

Kevin, as always, is unleashing his inner ork in a self-described “Pyrotechnic Extravaganza”! Between the Big Mek with a custom scorcher, two Big Trackz with a set of super scorchers, and some Burner boys, Kevin’s hoping to set the AdMechs ablaze in a crippling series of auto-hit attacks that can make even the toughest mechs melt! Along with the reliable support of his Custom Mega Cannons and a Dakka Jet, Steven’s definitely going to have his work cut out for him if he wants to keep these green-skinned horrors from burning the office down!

Of course, the old adage is to fight fire with fire, so Steven’s bringing some impressive firepower in his army as well. Between the Electro Priests, Tech Priest Dominus, some rangers providing sniper fire, and a Destroyer squad, he’ll be hitting Kevin with all manner of destructive power. If the Priests’ wizardry doesn’t take the Boyz down, you can never go wrong with high-caliber sniper fire and tank shells!
Through a lucky roll of 6, Steven takes the first turn, positioning his forces near the objective markers while lining up his destroyers to get a clear line of Fire on the Orks. The Electro Priests rapidly close in, intent on taking out Kev’s Custom Mega Cannons before they can begin raining death down on the Admechs. A barrage of Destroyer fire takes down one of the Big Tracks, but also unleashes several of the Burner Boys onto the battlefield!

Steven’s first strike has left Kev without one of his most powerful vehicles, but his Burner Boyz will be bringing a fiery rage in their counterattack!
To see if the AdMechs can survive the firestorm coming their way, be sure to join the members area and watch the episode!

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