Sneak Peek Battle Report: Craftworld Eldar vs Death Guard!


It’s shaping up to be a crazy week at NATGT, as we’re trying out something that many have failed at: a crossover!
Specifically, one of our fan-favorite Magic: The Gathering players will be invading our 40K series and bringing the fight to us!
This week, we’re delighted to have Ryan Christian, best known for his explosive performance in our Magic: The Gathering series. He will be taking on Kevin who, in a surprise twist, is NOT playing the Orks, but is instead bringing some Craftworld Eldar.

Ryan’s out for blood today, intent on showing that his 40K skills are just as formidable as his Magic abilities! Given Kevin’s past as an MTG tournament player, it will definitely be interesting to see how these crossover warriors match up!

For the match today, Kevin is bringing a Spearhead detachment comprised of 3 squads of Dark Reapers, an Autarch, and a squad of Rangers to provide some long-range cover fire, all riding in a Wave Serpent to provide some rapid transportation across the map. He’s also bringing an Outrider Detachment with 3 squads of Shining Spears, a Far Seer, and a Spirit Seer acting as the warlord! With this many powerful units on the board, even the slightest mistake could turn the Death Guard into the Dead Guard!

Of course, the Death Guard aren’t exactly lacking for some serious firepower either. Ryan is bringing a full-grown Demon Lord, a Chaos Lord, three units of Plague Marines (two of which are loaded in a Rhino APC), a Fetid Bloat Drone, and a Plagueburst Crawler. With all of these weapons binging down death and pestilence on anything they touch, the Eldar will likely be driven to their limit to rid themselves of the Death Guard infection!
Kevin takes the first turn, moving his rangers into some swampy cover, while also advancing the Shining Spears and moving the Wave Serpent behind a building.
Unfortunately, Kevin’s first turn is a disappointment, with his Shining Spears and Rangers failing to score any meaningful hits or score any of this Maelstrom Match’s Victory Points!

For his turn, Ryan moves his Demon Prince forward to secure an objective, while also placing his Fetid Bloat Drone in attack range of the Shining Spears. Finally, one squad of Plague Marines disembarked from the Rhino, securing another point for Ryan and making Kev’s job even tougher! Some cursory shots from the Plagueburst crawler do injure a few of the Eldar, but in a rare moment for the 40K universe, nothing is dead yet! Ryan DOES score several points for securing objectives, however, putting him in the lead for the end of turn 1
Will Kevin and his new Army be able to take down the Death Guard, or will Ryan prove that he’s a force to be reckoned with in both Magic AND 40K?
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