Sneak Peak Sisters of Battle Army Set

We’ve got a culmination to all the Adepta Sororitas news we’ve gotten so far. There is a Sisters of Battle Army Set coming in November 2019. The set includes a grouping of new models and a limited edition codex.
We’ve seen the renderings, but seeing these models finally painted is something else. The Seraphim looks to be truly trying to steal the Angels of Death title from the Space Marines. The Sisters themselves look awesome especially that banner.
There even is finally a look at the new Penitent Engine. This thing looks simply incredible, the stripped down dreadnought vibe is great. Except the driver is secured to the front as opposed to being safe in a sarcophagus. But this model captures the gothic vibe from the brazier smoke-stacks to the gothic arches.
There also is a Canoness is the set which to see painted is quite impressive. The detail on the symbols of faith and the staff itself will lead to some great models on the tabletop.
This whole set looks like it’ll be a great addition to Adepta Sororitas players both new and old alike. We here at Nights are certainly looking forward to seeing them at the game table.
As always, A big thanks to Games Workshop for the images provided for this article.
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