Sneak Peak Shrike: The Raven Guard are the Next in Line to Get Primaris

That’s right Raven Guard players, your legendary Chapter Master is here. Shrike is being updated to look like your other Vanguard marines, and it really shows.
From the epic pose atop the blasted barricade to the first ever “beaky” Primaris helmet, this is one to watch out for. The new take on lighting claws is also pretty neat. Combined with the raven feathers hanging off his belt and weapon.
Plus the new take on his jump pack is sick. From the more maneuvering style wings to the extra thrusters on the lower legs. Also let’s not forget that now you can have Shrike without his helmet. Showing off the long hair underneath along with the Reiver style mask.
For any Raven Guard players out there the new Shrike looks like a great way to give your Vanguard Primaris the leader they deserve on the game table.
As always, A big thanks to Games Workshop for the images provided for this article.
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