Sneak Peak Psychic Awakening: Vigilus Was Small Change

We finally got a peek behind the veil of Psychic Awakening and it looks like it will be huge.
The new Psychic Awakening event is a galaxy-wide event that will affect every codex in 40k. The series will resolve open plot threads and see new and old heroes rise.
This will be the next Campaign book series, with each book focusing on a different front. Each book itself will focus on updates for at least two Factions.
But also there will be new models for the event. The first set teased is plastic Howling Banshees. Which means that Craftworld players may finally be getting their plastic Aspect Warriors.
For all those that participated in the Vigilus series, Psychic Awakening looks to be even grander in scale. From involving every codex in 40k to the galaxy-wide conflict. Psychic Awakening is certainly something to be seen at the game table.
As always, A big thanks to Games Workshop for the images provided for this article.
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