Sneak Peak Ork Air WAAAGH Eavy Bommers

We’re pretty excited here at nights about Aeronautica Imperialis. It seems that the folks over at Games Workshop are as well. They’ve revealed the latest aircraft coming to the Ork arsenal. The Eavy Bommer.
This plane is the biggest so far revealed for the game, and it has the armory to back it up. This plane has 2 front mounted big shootas, a chin mounted twin cannon, a triple big shoota on each side under the wings, a top mounted twin cannon, and a possible tail gun. Plus the aircraft has 3 hardpoints under the wings for various weapons to add even more firepower.
The full details for the Eavy Bommers will be located in the Rynn’s World campaign book that goes up for pre-order this weekend. However, the aircraft itself will not be available until November. The set it comes in will have parts to run two of these massive aircraft. We certainly look forward to seeing it at the game table.
As always, A big thanks to Games Workshop for the images provided for this article.
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