Sneak Peak Imperial Fists and Salamanders Special Characters

It looks like we now know what two Chapters are getting a Codex Supplement next. Its Imperial Fists and Salamanders. First up we’ve got a peek at new characters for both Chapters.
The Models
These characters are not who you might expect though. They are Adrax Agatone for the Salamanders and Tor Garadon for the Imperial Fists.
First up we have Adrax Agatone, who looks pretty cool. First up there’s his weaponry. He’s got a Thunder Hammer and some kind of hand flamer. But to be honest the other details are where this model shines. With the flaming brazier atop his back and the scales on his cape, with the divets for them on the underside. There is lots of detail to love that will make your Salamanders force look great.
Next of course is Tor Garadon. This guy looks perfectly posed to stand atop a wall staring down his foes. Armed with a powerfist with giant brass knuckles built in, plus a shoulder mounted grav gun. All the targeters all over the model exemplifies the Imperial Fists way of war. Plus this guy is heavily armored up, so he’s gonna be a tough enemy to beat.
In Conclusion
Both Adrax Agatone and Tor Garadon are great looking models and should give both Chapters some much needed backup. We certainly can’t wait to see what Imperial Fists and Salamanders will be getting at the game table.
As always, A big thanks to Games Workshop for the images provided for this article.
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