Sneak Peak Codex Supplement: Raven Guard

Raven Guard are the stealth specialists of the Space Marines. Already sporting a chapter tactic that gives them cover out of cover and a -1 to be hit in cover. This chapter will be hard to pin down. The Codex Supplement for the Raven Guard will work to emphasize this even further. Let’s take a look!
What’s Inside?
For the first thing there is the Raven Guard special ability. Which emphasizes the tactical doctrine. This will be good for any type of character assassin. As they will have perfect accuracy and damage every time. Used with some snipers and jump infantry this will make a deadly combo.
The Codex Supplement contains a few Warlord traits for your commanders as well. The Shadowmaster trait works well with the Surgical Strikes ability. But also it keeps you character safe from some tricky Overwatch.
One of the many Relics of Ravenspire in the Supplement. The Raven’s Fury pushes the Raven Guard Jump Pack Characters to a new level. Allowing them to effortlessly charge across the field and bring the hammer down on that tricky enemy character. But that’s not the end of what’s on offer.
Shadowstep although similar to abilities seen in other codices, is key for the Raven Guard. Combined with all the other powers you could be almost guaranteed to get that smash captain behind enemy lines first turn. Causing massed havoc. But if you have a unit that you don’t want to smash things stuck in close combat, there’s a stratagem for that.
False Flight is huge since not only could it protect your sniper units. But also it can be used to disengage your character to charge them into a more worthy target. But that’s just a glance at the supplement because there’s all this stuff still in the contents…
In Conclusion
Codex Supplement: Raven Guard has a lot of tricks to make the ultimate mobile character assassin. But there is sure to be lots of tricks up its concealed sleeves. We’ll have to see what it can do at the game table.
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