Sneak Peak Aeronautica Imperialis: The Dawn of Aerial Combat

Aeronautica Imperialis’ starter set goes up for pre-order this weekend. We’ve got the information on everything that’s in the Wings of Vengeance box and beyond.
What’s in the Box?
Well first up there are the models. These are variants of the Dakkajet and Thunderbolt Fighterjet. Which are rendered at a new smaller scale for the game.
Although smaller in size these models look like they’ll have plenty of bits for assembly and customization. The scale for the models is similar to Adeptus Titanicus. The models included are two Thunderbolt Fighterjets or Furies, 2 Marauder Bombers, 3 Dakkajets, and two Fighta Bommerz.
Next up is the bases for the models, which are very different from standard 40k. First up they’re a hexagonal shape.
The bases are designed so that no matter how crazy your models are you can tell facing. They also show a number of firing arcs. You can also track your height and altitude, which are two separate things somehow.
Then there’s the battlefield or Area of Engagement.
Since the game is played with hex bases the matt naturally has a hex grid meaning tape measures will not be necessary to play. This matt is double sided so you get a choice of Area of Engagement.
There also are a number of cardboard tokens in the box, which will be necessary to keep track of what a model is doing or has done. These also help keep track a maneuvers like these…
These are called Ace Maneuvers, and they are chosen in secret and revealed at a later stage in the game. This makes the game not just about figuring out what you will do. But also what the player across from you is doing.
The box also comes with some dice, because of course the game would be incomplete without them.
Aircraft Kits
Aeronautica Imperialis isn’t just the Wings of Vengeance set. As the aircraft included in the kit can also be bought separately.
First up there is a kit for the new Thunderbolts. Which can be built as either the Fighters or new Fury configurations. There also will be kits for two Marauder Destroyers and one for two Marauder Bombers. These are the heavy options for running an invincible flying fortress and heavy bomber, respectively.
If you’re looking for something to represent the WAAAGH! Don’t worry the Orks also will be getting some kits. The box for the Dakkajets allows you to build six of them. Which will have a variety of different parts available. There also will be a Fighta Bommerz kit available to make four of these dakka heavy aircraft.
All the kits for the Imperium and Orks will make it so you can build your squadron exactly the way you want. But also with a large amount of customization.
Future Support
Aeronautica Imperialis already has some detailed plans for future updates. With a few of them being available for preorder this weekend.
First up is the Rynn’s World campaign book. Which gives you six new scenarios to play and adds ace pilots for your squadrons to use. Plus the book adds ground targets to the game making it so that enemy aircraft are all you have to worry about. Rynn’s World includes the base rules for Aeronautica Imperialis. Meaning that you’ll be up to date with just one book.
But you can’t just have a story expansion without sweet new stuff. Like a new Area of Engagement that’s bigger than the one in Wings of Vengeance. There also will be a set for the ground targets including things like anti-aircraft turrets and bunkers. These will definitely add an extra dimension to the Area of Engagements.
There also will be datacards for both the Imperial Navy and Air WAAAGH! These cards will allow you to keep track of every aircraft, ace, and special weapons. These will work nicely combined with the set of additional order tokens. So that you’ll never run out, but also useful if you don’t get Wings of Vengeance.
And last but certainly not least there are special sets of dice being released for each of the two factions. The light blues on the Imperial dice really give off that sky vibe. While the red, yellow, orange of the Orks helps to embody the fires of the WAAAGH!
In Conclusion
Since its reveal Aeronautica Imperialis has looked like a new fun way to play in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. With the more details we receive, it looks like it will be a simple. But still very tactical and fun game to play at the game table.
As always, A big thanks to Games Workshop for the images provided for this article.
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