Sisters Of Battle Spoilers: Adepta Sororitas Secrets Revealed!


The Sisters are back in action, as GW has finally announced some of the newest changes to the Adepta Sororitas forces!
First off, we’re seeing a massive change to one of their most popular abilities: Acts Of Faith.
By spending Faith Points, players can roll to see if they successfully cast an Act by succeeding it’s Devotion Value. For example, one of these The Passion, allows a unit to be attacked with twice if the roll is successful.

In addition, the number of Faith points a player has access to scales up as their army gets bigger, with an additional Faith point available for every ten models the player has.

Order Convictions

In addition to these changes for Acts Of Faith, the Sisters Codex also provides several new abilities for the Adepta Sororitas Subsets.

Depending on the group in question, these Order Convictions can improve Tests Of Faith Rolls, prevent wounds, and a host of other effects that haven’t been completely revealed yet.


As any good Codex will do, the newest release has given the Sisters an arsenal of new strategies to give them an edge in battle. Here’s what’s been revealed so far:

Suffer The Witch: An easy way to ensure your opponent’s Psykers are in a world of hurt.

Blessed Bolts: Your bolters will hurt a whole lot more with their damage characteristic raised to 2.

Vessel Of The Emperor’s Will: This stratagem supersizes the effect of an Act Of Faith, affecting every friendly character within 6″. With the right timing, this can make even your most basic forces very tough to wipe off the board!

Warlord Traits

Several Wralord Traits for the sisters have been revealed so far, providing benefits such as increasing the range of your most useful support units to improving the Shield Of Faith ability.

Penitent Engines

As one of the Sisters’ most famous units, the Penitent Engines have long been a favorite of players everywhere. They’re about to get much more popular thanks to Zealot, a new ability that allows them to fight twice and ignore wounds.

With all of these new strategies, units, and tactics in mind, the Sisters Of Battle are likely going to be seeing a lot more action on the battlefield in the future!


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