Season 1 Finale Battle Report: Tyranids vs. Custodes!


It’s been an exciting, brutal season here at NATGT. Between the swarms of Necrons, Deathwatch, Orks, and plenty more that our players have faced each week, it might seem like there isn’t anything new our heroes can battle!

Thankfully for all of us, the season finale shows us just how wrong we are, as the Queen of the Xenos takes on the Season 1 final boss, Greg of Grimdark Games!

Not only is Greg one of the owners of Grimdark, but he’s also a 40K fanatic who’s been playing for decades. After seeing the Nights crew battling back and forth each week, he’s decided to step in and see how much of a challenge our best players can pose to him in a brutal Kingslayer match!


Of course, Greg has seen what Eve can do with her Tyranids, so he’s brought The Emperor’s most loyal (and lethal) troops, The Adeptus Custodes, to help him out. As a group whose skill in combat is matched only by their unquenchable hatred for the Xenos, they’re going to be devoting their full, terrifying might to coating the battlefield with the blood of Eve’s Tyranids.

Both armies are coming full equipped to take on even the strongest opponents. Eve is packing a whopping 3 Hive Tyrants, with these dragon-like ‘Nids representing all of humanity’s fears rolled into one. When combined with the vicious blades of a gang of Hormagaunts and the withering fire support of a squad of Termagants (not to mention the swarms of Rippers that can tear apart unwitting foes), Eve’s army is definitely one that would give even the toughest Space Marine nightmares.

But, Greg hasn’t brought lowly Space Marines. Instead, he’s brought 10 of the Emperor’s pride and joy, the Custodes. These behemoths of steel and flesh are split into three groups of 3 Jetbikes, led by an experienced Shield Captain. There is no better killing machine in the entire Imperium than a Custode, and Greg’s squad of 10 is more than ready to rip through the hordes of Xenos in their way.

Greg makes the first move, sending his Custodes speeding forward while keeping perfect formation (which will allow them to reroll ones due to being near their Shield Captain Warlord.) He opens fire on the Tyrants, heavy bolt pistol rounds slamming into the scales of the dragon-like beasts, but he’s unable to do any serious damage.

Responding quickly, Eve closes in her Hormagaunts to make use of their ferocity in hand-to-hand combat, while leaving the Termagants behind to provide cover fire. Of course, never the type to be left out, the Tyrants swoop into battle as well, putting themselves nose-to-nose with the gleaming Custode armor. While a few of the hormagaunts score hits in close combat, some poor performance by the Termagants (with only a handful out of their 180 shots hitting) leaving all of the Custodes fully intact and prepared to kill!

As round 1 comes to an end, the Tyrants are flanking the Custodes, hoping to pincer them in between their own attacks and the blades of the Hormagaunts. Will the Emperor’s finest troops rip a hole through the Tyranid line, or will the Queen of Xenos gain another kingdom under her command?

Watch the episode below to find out!



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