Scratch Your Dark Angels Itch With War Of Secrets!

Phill Kelly's 3rd entry into the Space Marine Conquests series promises action-packed fun!


Longtime GW writer and novelist Phil Kelly is promising the same sort of visceral fun he’s famous for in the third entry into the bestselling Space Marines Conquest series, War Of Secrets.

With the first two entries in the series covering the Blood Angels and the Space Wolves, Kelly has decided to look at the Dark Angel’s fanatical perspective onto some of the most bloody campaigns in Warhammer history!

Combining the mystery of classic sci-fi thrillers with the gritty reality of a generation of war films such as Apocalypse Now and Platoon, Kelly is promising to show the grisly impact of the everlasting war on a group of young warriors looking to make a name for themselves amongst the legions of nigh-unstoppable armies.

Expect to see cameos from some of your favorite characters and armies (with Kelly’s longstanding love of the T’au meaning that they’re likely to make an appearance), along with a host of bombastic new characters that fans are sure to fall in love with!

The book is currently available for pre-order, and will begin shipping on June 26th! Whether you’re a dark angels fan, a Phil Kelly fan, or even a new entrant into the 40K universe looking for some of the most entertaining bloodbaths it has to offer, this book will be one you do NOT want to miss!

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