Rumor Engine: What is this new Mini?


In this week’s Rumor Engine, GW just teased us with an exotic looking object which could be a totem of some sort. It has a striking similarity to a witch doctor’s or shaman’s magical but vile totem.
The exotic looking totem is obviously a skull of either a reptile or a bird. While not completely shown, this skull looking object might be embedded at the tip of a staff – a shaman’s staff. Either way, it has that tribal vibe leading us to suspect that it could be from either of these two:
Orkz – only because the skull looking totem looks like it may have come from a dead creature, which is pretty morbid. And, nothing screams Morbid like the Orks. They’re the kind who’d kill just about anyone and will use the poor creature’s remains as a trophy.

An Age of Sigmar faction – the shamanic vibe of the skull looking totem aligns with Age of Sigmar’s overall theme and style.

While the closest thing in Warhammer 40K that this object might point to is the Orkz, there’s a high probability that it’s from the arsenal of an Age of Sigmar faction. Since the past week, GW has focused heavily on Age of Sigmar following the release of the Soul Wars, it isn’t too far-fetched that this could be a teaser for a brand new AoS faction even.
Got any guesses? Let us know what you think!

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