Realm Of Chaos: Wrath And Rapture Has Arrived!


After weeks and weeks of excited speculation, Wrath And Rapture is now fully available for pre-order!
Fans everywhere have been waiting to see exactly what we’ll be getting from this set, and based on everything we’re seeing, GW is NOT disappointing us!
Here’s what you can expect from the new Wrath And Rapture set:

New Minis!

This new set contains a whopping 38 minis, representing a smorgasbord of the most terrifying daemons in the 40K universe. In every copy of Wrath and Rapture, players can find:

Daemons of Khorne

1x Karanak, the Hound of Khorne

10x Bloodletters

3x Bloodcrushers

5x Flesh Hounds

Daemons of Slaanesh

1x Infernal Enrapturess

10x Daemonettes

3x Fiends of Slaanesh

5x Seekers of Slaanesh

New Booklets!

Of course, a bunch of minis are no fun if you don’t have anything to do with them! Thankfully, this set also includes 3 new booklets full of tons of great secrets!

The Wrath and Rapture book itself is a massive source of lore knowledge and unit flavor, even going so far as to break down the naming conventions of daemons!

The Bane Of The Mortal Realms Booklet dives into the allegiances and abilities of the dozens of different units you get in the box!
And combined with the Denizens Of The Warp Booklet, which provides three Echoes Of War Missions AND a campaign, your daemons will certainly be busy fighting for control of the Warp!
The full set is available now, and at $160 for this plethora of minis and lore, it makes the perfect holiday gift for any die-hard Warhammer fan!

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