Psychic Awakening: Phoenix Rising Teased

Psychic Awakening, the new campaign expansion for Warhammer 40k, has been advertised for its size. But that wasn’t visual until now. Because GW has created a map of the galaxy showing off all the areas that conflict take place.
Now of course as of right now only one point is shown on the map. But there will be more to come in the next few weeks. But we at least know what the first campaign will be. It’s called Phoenix Rising and it looks to be a truly apocalyptic conflict. The various different Aeldari factions have made their differences into a massive conflict. That will decide the future of the Aeldari.
This with the already teased plastic Howling Banshees means that the Aeldari are about to be getting a lot of love. Plus there should be an update coming on Monday with more details. With each piece of information Psychic Awakening keeps looking more and more like an apocalyptic event for the 40k universe. It definitely is going to create a great time at the game table.

As always, a big thanks to Games Workshop for the images provided for this article.
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