Pre-Release: Wake The Dead When September Ends


Another week, another set of pre-orders from Games Workshop is here! This week’s 1st set of pre-release is dubbed as Wake the Dead – a new boxed set of 32 miniatures including exclusive Spiritseer and Primaris Lieutenant models!

If you’re playing either the Ultramarines or the Aeldari, this boxed set packs a welcomed addition to your team. Plus, Wake the Dead is the debut of two brand-new plastic Characters, with a Primaris Lieutenant and a Spiritseer.

Wake the Dead

Wake the Dead is a great-value boxed set containing 2 armies split across the forces of the Ultramarines – the iconic Space Marines Chapter who have defended Humanity for thousands of years – and the Wild Host of Saim-Hann, hot-blooded, daredevil warriors whose skill cannot be understated. You can use these miniatures to act out the scenarios described in the Wake the Dead book – 4 connected missions that recreate the violence on Vigilus – and use them to expand your games of Warhammer 40,000, with rules included for the Primaris Lieutenant and Craftworlds Spiritseer exclusive to this set! Included in the box:

A 40-page softback book

  • War Zone Vigilus: a brief history of this embattled world – a vital supplier of material for the Imperium – and the events leading to the bitter clashes that dominate the surface.
  • Space Marines: an introduction to the greatest warriors of the Imperium of Mankind, and the Ultramarines Chapter which embodies their ideals more than any other.
  • Craftworlds: a primer on the Asuryani of the Craftworlds, a race desperately fighting to preserve its culture and punish its foes.
  • Blood Vendetta: an overview of the intentions and purpose behind the Asuryani of Saim-Hann’s focus on Vigilus, the lengths to which they will go to carry out their mission and the manner in which the defenders of this world will deal with this incursion.
  • Detailed background information on each unit included in the box.
  • A miniatures showcase featuring a beautifully painted examples of the miniatures in Wake the Dead.



  • 8 datasheets providing rules for each of the included miniatures.
  • 4 Echoes of War missions, which can be linked together to form a small campaign echoing the narrative of Wake the Dead.
  • Runes of Battle: 6 psychic powers for use by the Spiritseer.
  • Points values for every included miniature, for use in Matched Play.




  • 5 Intercessors: these can be armed with 3 different variant bolt rifles, with options for a Sergeant, 1 Intercessor holding a combat knife and 1 holding a bolt pistol. 18 heads, 6 pistol holsters, 5 ammunition and grenade pouches, 3 combat knife scabbards, 2 single grenade pouches and 2 bolt pistol ammunition pouches are included, meaning a huge variety of customisation and spares.
  • 5 Reivers: these include a host of weapon options, with 5 heavy bolt pistols, 6 bolt carbines and 7 combat knives are included, with the loadout options being carbine, pistol and carbine or pistol and combat knife.Each model can also feature grav-chutes – 10 fins are included, 5 for each side of the Reivers’ backpacks. They have plenty of helmet options, too – 10 helmets featuring their unique skull design, 10 with the top removed and the lower half remaining and 4 Sergeant-specific bare heads.
  • 3 Inceptors: armed with either 2 plasma exterminators each or 2 assault bolters each, these models include 5 different helmets and 4 purity seals – 1 of these is doubled, to denote a Sergeant.
  • A Primaris Lieutenant: armed with a power sword and bolt pistol, he clutches a rosary, has a helm featuring a laurel wreath and iron halo emblems on his chest and forearms.


  • A 10-man Guardian Squad: this is made up of 8 Guardians armed with shuriken catapults, and a weapons platform with 2 crew – the platform can be built with either a bright lance, a missile launcher, a scatter laser, a starcannon or shuriken cannon.
  • 5 Wraithguard: these are armed with a choice of wraith cannon, D-scythe, swords and axes.
  • A Wave Serpent: a troop-carrying vehicle armed with a choice of twin bright lance, twin star cannon, twin missile launcher, twin shuriken cannon and a twin scatter laser turret.
  • A Spiritseer: wielding a Aeldari blade and witch staff, with a shuriken pistol holstered at his back, the Spiritseer is posed with his foot atop a piece of ruined architecture.



Also included are 2 transfer sheets – 1 Aeldari and 1 Ultramarines Infantry – and a fold-out Warhammer 40,000 Core Rules sheet.

At its core, Wake the Dead is a great deal as it gives you two Patrol Detachments in a single box for much less than getting the contents separately. If you play for either of these factions, this bundle is a must for you!

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