Ork Tactics: The Intermediate Entry

Ork tactics

Everyone knows Green is BEST. When you are ready to level up your Orks, going from 1,000 point list to 2000 points you have more tools in your arsenal. More Dakka, more Choppa, more Green to add to your army for your Ork Tactics. So pick a play style and run with it. Using the base list from the Beginner’s Guide we expanded out.

Ork Tactics
Ork Tactics: Kunnin “Boyz, they comin to us!”
Philip John Wright a Game Talk for Gamers member keeping it fun.

“I gotz all the DAKKA!” -Shooting Ork Tactics

Combining Psychic Awakening with the specialist detachment Dread WAAAGH you get to bring more dakka for your Ork Tactics. For Instance, the Gorkanaught can take the Kustom Job Slug Gubbin. That extra 6 shots for a total of 24 is nice. Adding another +1 to hit within 12” can bring you to nice 4+ to hit. With no penalty to hit for moving and shooting heavy weapons. Getting that 12” bonus isn’t too hard as you can deep strike this unit in and you do have a 3d6 Charge stratagem.

Finally, you get to shoot twice with the Kustom Ammo Stratagem. Depending on your flavor of Orks like Bad Moons you can squeeze in a few bonuses like reroll 1s to hit.  So now we need a first turn threat to go with the threat waiting in reserves. That’s why we added in the Tankbustas and a Weirdboy to Da Jump them there.  The Grot Oiler helps keep the Big Mek alive from multi damage weapons.

Ork Tactics

Bad Moons Dread WAAAGH Battalion 802

  • Big Mek W/ Shokk Attack Gun Da Souped-up Shokka, Grot Oiler, Big Killa Boss
  • Weirdboy
  • 3x Gretchin 
  • Tankbustas Nob & 14 Tankbustas 
  • Gorkanaut. Kustom Job: Slug Gubbin

The 802 points there adds some fun to the first thousand point list from the Ork Tactics Beginner’s Guide.  We then pull some units out of that list to make a second battalion to power the Dread WAAAGH by adding in a second Weirdboy, Big Mek with Kustom Force Field, more Gretchin than you can shake a Lucky Stick at and another smasha gun. We avoided the gray area of Ghazghkull preventing Subkultures by making a Grot Mobs battalion and a separate Evil Sunz battalion. 

Ork Battalion  Grot Mobz 405 pts

  • Big Mek W/ Kustom Force Field
  • Weirdboy
  • 3x Gretchin
  • Mek Gunz Smasha Guns x6

The original evil Sunz had 6 Big Shootas in the list and 30 boyz. Play with the models you have but to fit in the extra characters and the extra command points, those were dropped as well as  1 boy. If you want to keep the big shootas a few boyz will get the boot. Our Ork Tactics for this 2,000 point list makes use of 3 battalions to begin the game with 18 command points.

Evil Sunz Battalion 793

  • Ghazghkull Thraka 
  • Big Mek W/ Kustom Force Field
  • Boyz Boss Nob: Big Choppa, Ork Boy W/ Shoota x28
  • Boyz Boss Nob: Big Choppa, Ork Boy W/ Shoota x29
  • Gretchin

“Rikky Borky just wants to go fast”

Ork tactics
Witness Me!

Ork Tactics for board control

Our first list had the Evil Sunz already featured as the Clan Kulture. They want to get stuck in with their bonus to movement but they are great at board control as well. Therefore, we added in the Gyroscopic Whirligig Kustom Job to a unit of 3 Shokk Jump Dragstas will have them popping around the board for easy Recon and Behind Enemy Lines if you happen to be playing the ITC Champions Missions. Ghazghkull is the only Goff in the list but he doesn’t prevent units from gaining their Kulture.  

The changes to Kustom Force Field mean they work in close combat now. 6 attacks that at least do 4 damage will hurt Centurions well enough. That’s with the melee Kustom Job the Gog Klaw. Kustom Jobs Stratagem can be used multiple times as it’s before the battle. The Morkanaut is in the Evil Sunz battalion to give the boyz an Invulnerable save. If Magic boxes weren’t a thing, living that Speedfreek life would be fun. Squig-Hide Tyres for a second squad of 3 ShokkJump Dragstas will give you 6 units that can always jump. That last detachment is a Death Skulls vanguard of Kommandos and the Big Mek with Shokk Attack. It pays for itself as a specialist detachment Dread Waaagh. The flavor of Ork here is mostly personal preference in Clan Kulture. Kommandos were used to help the Dragstas get that board control for Ork Tactics. 

Evil Sunz Battalion 1388

  • Ghazghkull Thraka 
  • Weirdboy 
  • Boyz Boss Nob w/ Big Choppa, Ork Boy W/ Shoota x24
  • Boyz Boss Nob w/ Big Choppa, Ork Boy W/ Shoota x29
  • Gretchin
  • Shokkjump Dragstas x3. Kustom Job: Gyroscopic Whirligig
  • Morkanaut Kustom Job Gog Claw

Grot Mobs Battalion 405

  • Weirdboy 
  • Big Mek W/ Kustom Force Field
  • 3x Gretchin squads
  • Mek Gunz Smasha Gun x6

Death Skulls Dread Waaagh Vanguard 204

  • Big Mek W/ Shokk Attack Gun Da Souped-up Shokka, Grot Oiler, Big Killa Boss
  • 3x Kommandos squads

There is always that balance you have to strike between redundancy in characters and having enough units to both distract and do little things like scoring. Some folks are proponents of 18 smasha guns. They are good but if your table makes use of line of sight blocking terrain, 18 maybe just too much of a good thing that gives up kills. Orks have a wide range of models and plenty of play styles.  These two were just building off the Beginner’s Guide list from before. Orks were featured in fighting it out which green is best. Salamanders Vs Orks

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Special thanks to Games Workshop for the use of their images and for making the best game ever!


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