NOVA Con News – Orktober Has Arrived!


The NOVA Open, one of the largest wargaming conventions and tournaments in the world, is kicking into high gear! Fans are flocking to the event, hoping to see all of the latest and greatest releases that they’ll be putting on the wishlists!

We’re bringing you a new series breaking down each of the major releases! Be sure to check them all out, and let us know which one is your favorite!
Here, we’ll be taking a look at the new releases for Orktober! The Boyz are getting a lot of new toyz, so check them all out below!

Speed Freeks

Have you ever wondered what the Mad Max world would be like if everyone is was a giant, green-skinned engine of death and destruction?

If so, you’ll LOVE Speed Freeks! In this desert-based racing game, players engage in the Mario Kart race from hell, with Ork bikes and buggies vying for firstplace. These Orks have a need…a need for SPEED, and they’ll take down ANYONE who gets in their way!
With a ton of new bikes and vehicles on the way, the Orks will be roaring across the desert for years to come! Don’t get left in the dust, and be sure to pick up your copy once it’s fully released in Orktober!

Deffkilla Wartrike

This all-new Commander allows players to field an Ork Army consisting entirely of Vehicles if they so choose! With an army specializing in fast-moving death (and…even FASTER if they’re painted red), these Boyz should be fully capable of swarming the enemy before they can mount a counter-offensive!
In addition, if you’ve ever wondered what would happen when a Warboss’ Klaw plows into an enemy at 100mph, there’s no better way to find out than by trying it yourself in a match!

Dakka Dakka Dakka Stratagem

Aside from WAAAAAAAGH, there is perhaps no phrase more associated with Orks than their famous approach to firepwoer: DAKKA! DAKKA! DAKKA!

With the Orks Codex imminent, one of the leaked strategems reveals that unmodified hit rolls of 6 will succeed no matter what modifies are in play, but will ALSO result in an entire additional hit roll! If there’s anything better than shooting an enemy once, it’s shooting an enemy twice, and this strategem will mean that the air will be choked with Ork bullets for years to come!

Anyone who’s a regular viewer will know that all of us at NATGT LOVE the Orks. And as you can imagine, our resident Ork Warboss Mr. Kevin O’Connor is ecstatic! As Orktober rolls around, be on the lookout on the NATGT channel; we’ll be going full WAAAAAAGH with as much Orky Goodness as we can get our hands on!
So, which of the new upgrades for the Boyz has got YOU the most excited? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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