Nights At The Game Table Battle Report Army Lists: Deredeo Space Wolves vs. T'au (ft. The Coldstar Commander!)


In this week’s epic battle report, we’re seeing the return of John Cook and his ferocious Space Wolves! They’ll be taking on Clifton and his ever-efficient T’au squad, featuring the lethal Coldstar Commander! To see how these two formidable armies will match up, check out their army lists below!

John Cook: Space Wolves

John’s opting for a single Battalion Detachment for this match, bringing a compact-but-lethal death squad that will be a heavy-hitting mix of firepower and close-combat damage. With a bundle of Dreadnoughts ,including a Deredo, ready to trade fire with Clifton’s T’au units and a pack of Wulfen ready to get up close and personal, Clifton will have his work cut out for him in fighting off this lupine fighting force!
John’s full army list includes:

Battalion Detachment

  • Wolf Priest: Jump Pack
  • Wolf Guard Battle Leader: Jump Pack, Storm Shield, Thunder Hammer, Armor of Russ
  • 7x Wulfen
  • 6x SS/TH
  • Deredeo Dreadnought with Storm Cannon Array and Heavy Bolters
  • 2x Venerable Dreadnought with Twin LasCannon and Missile Launcher


Clifton: T’au

Clifton’s bringing the trademark T’au firepower to bear this week, combining a huge force of infantry troops and Marksmen with the massive Coldstar Commander and Ghostkeel Battlesuits. Although his smaller units might not be quite as effective as John’s Wolves, the sheer amount of firepower can easily cut the Wulfen to shreds while Clif’s bigger units focus on the Space Wolf Dreadnoughts. Getting involved in a gunfight with the T’au is never a good idea, and only time will tell if the Wolves will be able to close the distance and take them down.
Clifton’s full army includes:

Battalion Detachment (Vior’la Sept)


  • Coldstar Commander: 4X Fusion Blasters
  • Ethereal: Honor Blade


  • 5x Breacher Team: Shas’ui x4


  • Dahyak Grekh
  • Fast Attack
  • 5x Kroot Hounds

Vanguard Detachment


  • Darkstrider


  • 2x Firesight Marksman
  • 2x Stealth Suits: Velocity Trackers x3
  • Ghostkeel: Cyclic Ion Raker, 2 Fusion Blasters, Target Lock, Shield Generator

Fast Attack 

8x Pathfinder Team: Shas’ui, Ion Rifle x3
Thank you to Games Workshop for the featured image.
To see what happens when these armies go head-to-head, watch the episode below!

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