Nick Nanavati vs Sascha Edelkraut Eldar Vs Space Marines Live Stream


On Monday July 2nd at 5pm EST I will be live streaming a game with my tournament tested Eldar and Sascha’s Space Marines. We will be streaming publicly on the facebook page Nights at the Game Table
Sascha is a fantastic player and a die hard Space Marine fan! He’s won Renaissance man at both NOVA and LVO. That’s right he can play AND paint! He even bested me last time we battled in round 6 of LVO 2017.
This game is free to watch, and will come with live commentary explaining all the tactical decisions in game and, our thought process throughout. It’s a must watch for sure! The game will be saved and archived onto Nights at the Game Table PRO for members to rewatch at their leisure. For more information about how to become a PRO, and rewatch this game and many others where I face a wide array of foes check this out!
Here are the lists we will be using!

Sascha Edelkraut Nick Nanavati
Imperial Fist Brigade Aliatoc Battalion
Captain- Jump Pack, storm shield, thunder hammer 129 Warlock conclave 90
Lieutenant- Power Sword 64 Warlock 55
Librarian- Bike, force axe, storm bolter 133 5 Rangers 60
Apothecary 55 5 Rangers 60
3 Company Vets- 3 Storm shields, 1 plasma gun, 2 storm bolters 80 10 Guardians 80
5 Vanguard vets- 3 Storm shiellds, 1 thunder hammer, 6 plasma pistols, 1 melta bomb 168 5 Swooping Hawks 65
5 Tacticals- heavy bolter 75 Wave Serpent- 3 shuriken cannons 134
5 Tacticals- plasma gun, combi plasma 83 Wave Serpent- 3 shuriken cannons 134
5 Scouts- storm bolter 57
5 Scouts- storm bolter 57 Surpeme Command
5 Scouts- storm bolter 57 Farseer <aliatoc> 110
5 Intercessors- power sword, grenade launcher 95 Farseer <aliatoc> 110
Rhino- 2 Storm bolters 74 Spiritseer <biel tan> 65
Tarantula- 2 heavy bolters 37
Tarantula- 2 heavy bolters 37 Ynari Outrider
Tarantula- 2 heavy bolters 37 Cat Lady 132
Contemptor Mortis- 2 twin las 206 5 Swooping Hawks <biel tan> 65
Thunderfire Cannon 121 9 Shining Spears- star lance <saim hann> 281
Sicarian Venator- 2 las, 1 heavy bolter 230 9 Shining Spears- star lance <biel tan> 281
Stormhawk- 2 las, skyhammer, 2 assault cannons 193 8 Dark Reapers- tempest launcher <aliatoc> 277

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