New Sisters of Battle Models and Terrain Revealed


The Adepta Sororitas have already gotten a lot of great new models and updates. But they aren’t done getting new things yet. They’ve got a host of new models coming including a terrain piece. Let’s take a look.

These Sisters are ready to bring the heat.

First up we’ve got the Retributors, the heavy weapons specialists. Armed with a variety of bolt and heat based weaponry these new models are looking pretty sweet. Plus they come with the option of at least one Cherubim. Which are carrying extra munitions for the sisters. Even though their Retributor Superior doesn’t have a heavy weapon, she’s still reciting holy chants to keep her sisters’ shots true.

For when you thought the Seraphim weren’t punchy enough.

At last we’re also getting a look at the Seraphim’s close combat cousins the Zeraphim. The wait has been worth it because they give off an extra air of death, in their primarily black scheme shown here. The variety of poses are great. Plus the one Zeraphim carrying a standard complete with a flaming brazier atop it is awesome. The detail down to the studs on their armor is in line with other sisters and will have Zeraphim only improving the looks of your army.

Even sinners can join in on the fight.

Although we’ve already seen them from the Sisters of Battle box. It looks like both Arco Flagellants and Penitent Engines will be getting their own kits. The Penitent Engine in particular looks like it will have lots of nice customization and has a switchable pose side to side like the Redemptor Dreadnought.

There’s always a bigger church…

But of course we saved the best for last, the Battle Sanctum. There was some buzz around this one being the one unit in the codex to not have a model or even a picture of one. But now we finally have a look at this structure and it is stunning. Complete with lots of gothic arches windows as the corner of a church. Oh yea and the giant statue of a living saint showing off what makes Warhammer 40k what it is. With the angelic image of the sword wielding saint hovering over a pile of skulls. So grimdark, even if you don’t play Sisters this is sure to make your battlefield look awesome.


The Sisters of Battle keep coming and we’re not complaining. Having an entire Sisters force made entirely of plastic models has been the dream for a long time and these new models are another step in that direction. We cannot wait to see them at the game table.

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