New Series Sneak Peek: Battle Report!


Strange things are afoot in the Nights At The Game Table Studio…
Over the past few months, we’ve been putting together a BRAND NEW SHOW that may be our best one yet! This show will be offered in an exclusive channel partnership that we cannot reveal the details of yet, but it is certainly going to take all the NATGT content you love into a whole new level!
It’s called “Battle Report”, and features 8 Warhammer 40K generals fighting it out in a private tournament for a Prize!
Eve, Kevin, and a few other regulars go head to head against challengers with some off-the-wall match ups and games! We’ll have some of our old favorites AND a few newcomers as well, and they’re bringing some armies you do NOT want to miss!
These were some of the most intense battle reports we’ve ever filmed, and Season 1 is wrapped and 99% edited for our private members.
It will be released on general release at some point in the future, but not on any of our regular channels like Youtube or Facebook…
However, we CAN tell you that the release partner is HUGE!
But, we just couldn’t wait to share it, so we‘re putting it up in the members area within the next week!
if you’re not yet a member and you would like to see this show… and gain access to …
> Our painting tutorials from a Golden Daemon winner
> Top tournament tactics from Nick Nanavati
> Exclusive videos and members only content
> And of course, one of our Incredible Nights at the game table dice trays (Which unlike other trays, are built for rolling A LOT of dice, an ORK load to be precise!)
The entire $97 annual fee goes towards supporting and enabling us to create even more shows and content for you.
All you have to do to gain access is to click here to grab your membership!
Check it out, and get ready for the Members-Only premiere of Battle Report next week!

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