New Field Manual Drops: Here’s the biggest winners and losers of the update


Games Workshop has dropped the latest field manual: Munitorum Field Manual 2022 MK II and there are some definite winners and losers from this update. The nice thing is that all of these updates are now free to everyone and available online for everyone to view (check the link above). If you’re not familiar this update replaces what’s in your Codex for the most up to date and balanced play.

Let’s dive in and see what the big changes are and who are the winners and losers. We’ve polled our group of pro players for their thoughts on each army.

Field Manual Winners:

Sisters of Battle

Sisters got point drops on a lot of key units like Sacresants and Zephyrim which were already good, now they’re better. That coupled with the changes to how miracle dice are more plentiful. Sisters might be a top contender now at events

– Colin McDade


Immortals, ctan and destroyers all got decent point drops. They were all staple Necron units.

– Colin McDade


Orks got point drops on a lot of units that were already being seen in competitive play like Goff Beast Boyz in Kill Rigs with Commandos. All of those units got point drops.

– Colin McDade

Notable Mentions:

Thousand Sons

Looks like thousands got a slight buff. Weapon upgrades on Rubrics are cheaper and icon of flame looks to be free on them as well.

– David Hall

Character Units

The character units are more viable as every model in the unit doesn’t give 3 victory points.

So chaplain Grimaldus if you killed him you gave up 12 vp from just 140 points of your army. Now that 140 only gives up 3 vp if your opponent takes assassinate
The reason being is chaplain Grimaldus is as the chaplain and 3 Servitors in one unit for 4 models.

Now assassinate is just 3 VP for killing the unit.

– David Villareal

Field Manual Losers


Eldar got mild drops that will affect them a lot overall.
Hail of doom is the main Eldar play style and nothing else after that will be anywhere near as good.
Hail of doom nerf is rumored to hit tomorrow which will gut Eldar.

– Colin Mcdade

Blood Angels

Blood Angels received 2 pt drops on Sanguinary Guard and Death Company Marines which are staple units. Since Blood Angels players take 20+ of each of these units with 10 DC, you’re taking 60 pt + drops to Blood Angels lists.

Blood angels are going to see a resurgence in play and some people were already doing decent with them.

– Colin McDade


Tyranids got all of the good units hit in point nerfs. It’s going to take time for people to find a new “meta” list. So Tyranids will see a drop in win rates.

– Colin McDade

Field Update Conclusion

What do you think of the update? Did your army take a beating or get elevated from this update?

We’ll have a huge discussion in Game Talk for Gamers! Head over there and join our group for FREE!

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