New Chaos Space Marines Combat Patrol Box with New and Updated Units


A brand new Chaos Space Marines Combat Patrol box has been announced for 9th Edition. While we don’t have all of the information for this new box set, the stats for instance are missing, what it does include is going to be incredible. Let’s breakdown the Chaos Space Marine’s Combat Patrol Box for 9th Edition!

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CSMCombatPatrolReveal May09 Image1

Heretic Astartes is looking gnarly with tons of mutations, all kinds of gorgeous trim, horns galore and spikes, spikes, spikes everywhere!

CSMCombatPatrolReveal May09 Image2

First in line of the new models included in the Combat Patrol Box for Chaos Space Marines is the Dark Apostle and his two Dark Disciples to bestowing chaotic blessings to all within range. This can extend to Legionaries and Havocs who wade into battle with him.

CSMCombatPatrolReveal May09 Image3

Speaking of Legionaries… tell us these don’t look impressive! Equipped with all manner of the meanest weapons in the galaxies these are going to mow down the enemy on every table top. The amount of weapons and options shown here is really impressive and GW has really made these Chaos Space Marines Legionaries impressive!

CSMCombatPatrolReveal May09 Image4

Next up we’ve got Havocs and these mean, heavy weapon wielding baddies are straight up going to bring the heat. These models combined with the Hellbrute below (and everything else in this box) make this EASILY in contention for the most powerful combat patrol box in existense.

CSMCombatPatrolReveal May09 Image5

Last but certainly not least we’ve got the Hellbrute. This twisted mockery of the Imperial Space Marine Dreadnaught is truly something to be feared. For the first time in a LONG time he is seen clearly wielding a Thunder Hammer again!

We’re very excited to see how Chaos Space Marines shake up the meta for tournaments as well as regular play. Will you be joining the forces of Chaos with this new combat patrol box?

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