New 40K 9th Edition Vehicles and Models Revealed!


Howdy, neighbors! Let’s take a look at what’s new in the world of Warhammer for the week ending 9/12/20.

9th Edition Vehicles and Models Leaks

This week was suspiciously quiet in the leaks department. Curiouser and curiouser! There were a few last week.

9th Edition Vehicles and Models Peaks

To quote a certain Rick and Morty character: “OOOWEE!” This week was without a doubt dominated by the big Warhammer Preview GW put on this Saturday, called The Codex Show. GW pulled the curtain back on upcoming releases, and boy was it a doozy.

First up is the long-awaited (oh so very long!) awaited Codex: Necrons. 

9th Edition Vehicles and Models

While it’s not really a reveal that the book itself is coming, it’s the tasty units and rules they were previewed that were the most interesting. The concept of Dynastic Code looks to be getting an update, and the Szarekahn code was revealed:

Next was the introduction of something called “Command Protocols” – think of them a being the Necron version of the Sororitas Sacred Rights, except they are accessed by character auras.

Crypteks are being expanded to having 4 distinct types. Further, there was a brief touch on “Crytek Arkana” that you pay points/Power for…this comes again, as you’ll see later. Some interesting new Crusade components were teased – I’m glad to see GW is delivering on the promise to support this more narrative style of play.

Moving on, we got a partial statblock for The Silent King:

…not too shabby! New models were revealed, including the Ophydian Destroyers, new sculpts for Flayed Ones, Chronomancer and Psychomancer. I am really digging the new Necron aesthetic. They don’t’ look like Terminator (the movie, not the unit) knockoffs anymore, and I love it.

So many Space Marines

Next on the hit parade we have the reveal of new Codex: Space Marines…things. The new codex will have 98 datasheets – but that finally includes all the units that all Marine Chapters share in common. The other, more, shall we say, divergent Chapters (Blood/Dark Angels, Space Wolves and Deathwatch) are now going to get the Codex Supplement treatment. I know there are some that won’t be a fan but in terms of reducing redundant rules I think this is the way to go.

Remember what I said about paying points/Power for upgrades with the Crypteks? Well here we go. You remember Chapter Command from Faith and Fury? You know, the Master of Sanctity, Chief Apothecary, etc.? That you paid for with CP? That’s being replaced with those are now upgrades paid for in points/Power. Controversial? Maybe. A step in the right direction now that all armies have access to the same number of CP? I think so.

Now it wouldn’t be a GW preview party without a cavalcade of new Primaris units. I’m not going to cover them all, but rest assured if you play Space Marines, GW has got you covered. Spoiled for choice, really. Let’s see, we got Captain with Master-Crafted Heavy Bolt Rifle, new Heavy Intercessors…

9th Edition Vehicles and Models

…multi-parts kits for Eradicators, Bladeguard Veterans and Assault Intercessors…

9th Edition Vehicles and Models

…and, of course, the new Storm Speeders, in convenient “this is what it’s made to kill” variants: Hailstrike, Hammerstrike and Thunderstrike. Wonder what those are like? Here you go:

Let’s take a second and look at the NEW WEAPON SKILL on this vehicle!

New Vehicles

There’s one feature of the new models I just can’t resist poking at a little:

9th Edition Vehicles and Models

The next four Codex releases were revealed: Space Wolves, Blood Angels, Deathwatch and Death Guard – and these are scheduled to be released “before the end of the year”. Oh, and there’s a little asterisk at the bottom of the page:

So, sorry, Grey Knights fans, the Sons of Titan aren’t getting the supplement treatment. But hey, the last time GW encouraged fans of a faction to keep the faith it was for Sisters. And they got a new codex and beautiful models…after, you know, over a decade. Good luck!

Finally, Imperial Armour Compendium was announced, containing the rules for all Forge World units that were in the previous Indexes.

They even promised a new Regimental Doctrine for everyone’s favorite gas-mask aficionados, Death Korp of Kreig. “Sound grea!” you’re thinking, “When can I get this in my hot little hands?”

Release dates? We don’t need no stinkin’ release dates! They…didn’t say. Hopefully soon, though!


One little addition was made to the Heavy Intercessor datasheet, which we don’t know the full implications of:

Stray Thoughts

That new CORE keyword. If I were a bettin’ man (which I’m not, but if I were) I’d lay odds there’s going to be some kind of Codex Astartes requirement that a percentage of certain Keyword units units must be included in your army. Say, 25% of your army must be CORE. It was a thing in Warhammer Fantasy, and I could see it making a comeback. Different Chapters could have different requirement. Maybe Formations are back on the menu? Looks like we’ll be finding out very soon!

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As always thanks for reading!

Special thanks to Games Workshop for the use of their images and for making the best game ever!

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