Member’s Battle Sneak Peek: Necrons vs. Emperor’s Children!


What’s better than a psychotic band of resurrecting warriors like the Necrons?

Well, if you ask Josh over in our Members Area, it’s the literally psychotic band of Noise Marines he’s brought to take on Eve in this week’s Members-Only episode. We wanted to give you a sneak peek of the action, which will answer the age-old question: can zombies be killed by the power of music?

It wouldn’t be the first time.

Despite not being told beforehand who he was playing, Josh has come completely prepared with three squads of Noise Marines, as well as two squads of Havocs packing their biggest missile launchers. When led by a Chaos Lord and a Sorcerer, both packing jump packs for greater mobility, this motley group of murderous musicians will stand a solid chance of shredding through anything in their path.

Of course, Eve has faced many armies during her time on the show, and is sticking with many of her tried-and-true favorite units! We’re seeing her classic set of Tomb Blades, Destroyers, and a Lady Lord commanding a squad of Immortals. It’s a simple yet incredibly effective setup that has proven extremely difficult to defeat, so Josh will certainly have his work cut out for him in keeping these resilient forces down.

To make things even crazier, it’s a Maelstrom match, which means that each army will have an entirely different set of objectives in every turn! Both Eve and Josh must be ready to spring into action and accomplish any of the dozens of different tasks that may be thrown at them!

Josh takes the first turn, moving his Noise Marines behind cover while making use of his great deployment of his Havocs to provide long-range fire support. The Chaos Lord has become the spoke of his forces, providing a bubble of support to the Noise Marines and Havocs in the area.

Josh starts off by casting Prescience on his Havocs, upping their accuracy to ensure that the rockets hit their mark. Despite his positioning advantage and buffs from his leaders, Josh’s initial shots prove to be ineffective against the Immortals, though he does succeed in taking down a single Destroyer.

However, even the loss of a single unit is more than enough to enrage the Queen Of The Necrons! As she brings the full weight of her Army to bear, will she be able to wipe out Josh’s forces before they cause any more damage?

If you’re part of our Member’s Area, you can find out immediately! If not, click here to become a member and see the rest of the unfolding carnage!


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