Members-Area Battle Report: Alpha Legion vs Adeptus Mechanicus!


For the staff here at NATGT, there are few greater moments in the world than when giant robots are beating the living hell out of each other!

If that’s true for you as well, then you won’t want to miss our newest episode in our Members-Only area, where Adam will be using Alpha Legion to take on one of the newer guys in the office, Steven, and his Adeptus Mechanicus war machines!

Following a minor bit of controversy surrounding the legality of his Death Watch Dreadnought, Adam is taking the stage with a different, but still highly formidable army. He’s particularly excited about his Decimator, which is capable of dishing out 4d3 mortal wounds! Even the toughest opponents will have trouble standing up to a continued assault by these terrifying mechs! If that wasn’t bad enough, he’s also got a Chaos Lord who’s armed with…a bolt pistol. Before you scoff, the bolt pistol is loaded with Demon Bolts, which can hit for Mortal Wounds as well! When combined with a backup force of Alpha Legion Noise Marines, 40 cultists, and a full-blown demon prince, he’s got more than enough firepower to take on the notoriously-tough AdMechs.

Despite Adam’s formidable army and experience on the NATGT battlefields, Steven is coming fully prepared to bring his boss down! His Warlord for the battle is the Tech Priest Dominus, who will be commanding two Kastelan robots, and an Onager Dunecrawler in his heavy-armor detachment, as well as two squads of Infiltrators and Electro-Priests in his infantry detachment!
Steven’s decision to split his army into distinct detachments could prove useful, because the objective for the battle is the Maelstrom of War, where each player will have three different objectives every turn. Maneuverability and adaptability are key here, as whoever can scramble to complete the most objectives will earn the win for their team.
Sure enough, Steven does his best to get out ahead early, seizing the initiative from Adam and taking the first turn! He begins moving his forces forward, positioning the Tech Priest near an objective while sending his Electro-Priests to the front to probe at Adam’s defenses.
Steven’s initial wave of fire pings off the armor of the Decimator, leaving it with only a few wounds. However, he also uses his Electro-Priests to charge Adam’s cultists…but the resulting overwatch fire leaves all of them dead before they can even make their strike.

As his first turn ends, Steven has caused minimal damage while losing one of his major squads in the process. Has he bitten off more than he can chew by challenging Adam, or will he have a few tricks up his sleeve that will catch the NATGT veteran by surprise?
Don’t miss out on the thrilling conclusion to this savage brawl! Click here to become a member and see all of the brutal action!

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