Knights Are Smashing Everything with these New Rules


The Imperial Knights and Chaos Knights 9th Edition Codex(es) releases are nearly upon us. That brings new rules, and these are HUGE, not unlink the models that do the smashing. Freeblades and Dreadblades love to show up to the battlefield, smash about, do their own thing, and then leave when they’re good well and ready.

Warhammer 40k Knights 9th Edition

That’s good news for those wanting to throw a Knight at their opponent because these new rules allow you to bring a Knight of a different faction and still retain their faction wide bonuses.

Wandering Hero
Fallen Hero

This will allow many factions the opportunity of calling in truly heavy support alongside other units.

Games Workshop has provided some ideas for interesting ways to combine armies with this new rule.

How would you use this new ability?

Tell us in the comments below or over in Game Talk For Gamers where we’ll be discussing this for days to come…

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