Kingslayer Battle Report: Orks vs. Death Guard (feat. Ork Codex!)


The end of Orktober is fast approaching, and it just wouldn’t be a true celebration here at NATGT without us allowing our tamed warboss, Kevin, to play with all of his new Orky toys!
So, this week on Kingslayer, we’re following up Kev’s victory last week as he takes on the Queen of the Necrons.
Wait, scratch that…
The Queen of the Death Guard!
That’s right! This week also marks the debut of Eve’s brand-new Army, and she’s coming fully prepared with a full battalion of putrid Death-Guard troops and a variety of Renegade allies!
But will they be able to stand up to the full power of the WAAAAAGH? only time will tell!


Kev’s Orks have always been a formidable force on the battlefield, but when backed up by the new Codex, they’ve become tougher, meaner, and greener than ever!

Leading the charge is an Ork Warboss on a Warbike with a Killer Claw Relic! As Kev puts it, this fast-moving, formidable leader is more than ready to do some killing!

Backing up this Warboss is the always-reliable Weird Boy, which has also been upgraded to a Warp Head with the ability to manifest two powers per turn!

And of course, if you know Kev, you know that he’s rarely seen without his trusty horde of Grotz! While the band of these evil little gnomes is a bit smaller than usual today, they’ll more than make up for it with their unparalleled tenacity! (Or…if we’re being honest, they’ll work really well with the new Grotz Shield ability!)

Finally, Kevin is rounding out his forces with a truck stuffed to the brim with tankbusters…

And a bundle of Commandos to sneak in and wreak havoc behind enemy lines!
It would seem like he’s building a formidable army, but Kev also has one final trick up his sleeve…

…A massive Morkonaut will be dropping into the battle in turn 2, meaning that Eve will have to clear the field as fast as possible before this terrifying giant arrives!


While her reputation as Queen of the Xenos is the stuff of NATGT legend, Eve is fully confident that she can take down Kev’s Orks even while trying out a brand-new Army: The Death Guard!

First, Eve is opening up with a small Psyker Coven, which should be fantastic for rapid attacks and taking on Kevin’s smaller, weaker Orks.
At the other end of the charge charge is a massive Demon Prince, intending on bringing some hard-hitting mobility to the battlefield.

Backing up this beast will be one of the ever-popular Dreadnought Leviathans, whose unmatched long-range firepower may be able to cut through the Orks like tissue paper.

Of course, if the Dreadnought isn’t enough, then Eve’s pair of Plagueburst crawlers will definitely be able to sprew long-range death and destruction across the battlefield. In fact, these crawlers may be instrumental in bombarding Kevin’s Morkonaut once it drops onto the field!

Finally, as a last resort, Eve will also keep her forces covered with three squads of Renegade allies, their massive turrets able to hold off even the toughest opponents while Eve brings her bigger guns to bear.
Will Eve use her new army’s long-ranged firepower to grind the Orks into submission, or will Kev and his new Codex have everything they need to overwhelm the Queen’s forces?!
Watch the episode below to find out!

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