King Slayer Armies: Orks vs. Chaos Space Marines


As Christmas looms on the horizon, the forces of Chaos are gathering for one final battle against the encroaching Ork horde. Their Warboss, Orky Kev, has already netted two victories on the King Slayer circuit, and it’s up to the Chaos Space Marines to take them down and Save Christmas! Can Nick and his forces do it, or will Kevin emerge victorious? To answer that question, we have to look at the armies the two of them are bringing!

Kevin: Orks

Kevin’s Ork army has easily become a NATGT legend, and with two wins under his belt, Kev is making even the most dangerous opponents wary. Due to the sheer number of Orks that can fit into a 50-point army, Kevin is bruly a truly terrifying amount of firepower.

As part of the Shooty Detachment, Kevin has brought a small army of 3 Grotz regiments. The Grotz are being corralled by a Bik Mek with a Custom Force Field, along with 15 Lootas and a Weird Boy.

To provide more mobile firepower, Kevin is also bringing a Zoomy detachment, featuring a Warboss on a Warbike, 30 Boyz, 2 more Grotz squads, and another Weird Boy!

Finally, Kevin is bringing a Lucky Detachment, featuring a Big Mek with a Shock Attack Gun, and several squad of Kommandos to mop up any final resistance!

Nick: Chaos Space Marines

As a longtime employee of Grimdark Games, Nick is one of the deadliest players around. And with the horrifying destructive power of the Chaos Space Marines, it looks like Kev will have his work cut out for him in securing his third victory.
Nick’s bringing a full contingent of lethal troops to the battlefield, led by a Chaos Lord with the aptly-named Murder Sword.

This Lord will be backed up by a Sorcerer sidekick packing both Delightful Agonies and Prescience!

Then, for some basic firepower Nick is bringing two full squads of Chaos Space Marines to take on the Ork Horde.

As cannon fodder…er, supporting units for the Marines, Nick is also bringing a full detachment of cultists to lay down suppressing fire on the Orks.

Backing them up with some heavier firepower is a squad of Havocs, armed to the teeth with Autocannons and Lascannons.

And finally, to really rain hell down on the Orks, Nick is packing a massive Leviathan Dreadnought!

The Chaos Space Marines are infamous for their ferocity in combat, and it looks like it’ll take everything Kevin and the Orks have to take them down!
To see what happens when these two ferocious armies go head-to-head, check out the episode below!

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