Kevin vs. Eve Members Area Sneak Peek!


If you’re anything like the rest of us here at NATGT, you’re always on the lookout for more Warhammer matches! If you’ve enjoyed our public videos on Youtube or Facebook, and haven’t yet check out our members-only area, you’re in luck! We have a special preview of this week’s Members Battle, with Kevin and his Grey Knights taking on The Queen of The Necrons!
Longtime fans will likely be familiar with most of Eve’s army, with her usual brigade of Tomb Blades, Destroyers, and a Lady Lord forming the majority of her forces. However, she’s bringing something new to the battlefield today!

Today, Eve’s forces are supported by a Necron Pylon, a massive assault cannon that can shred through tanks and power armor like tissue paper! With this huge piece of artillery raining death and destruction down onto the battlefield, it will be difficult for even the toughest army to mount a counteroffensive.
However, if there’s any army that’s up to the task, it’s Kevin and his Grey Knights. Although most well-known for his Orks, Kevin’s bringing a devastating band of knights this week, including 3 Purifier Squads led by a Grandmaster piloting a Nemesis Dreadknight, with two Razorbacks serving as transports and reinforcements!

As if this match wasn’t already crazy enough, it’s also a Malestrom game, meaning that the objectives will change with each player in every turn! With both Kevin and Eve furiously adapting to each new scenario, we’re in for a grisly treat as these two armies meet head-to-head.

Kevin takes the first turn, noting that his objectives to secure command point 5 and holding three points by the end of the turn will likely be outside of his grasp. Undeterred, he advances his Razorbacks into firing range of Eve’s Tomb Blades. However, some great defensive rolls from Eve allow the Tomb Blades to avoid any damage, leaving both parties unscathed.

For Eve’s turn, she is tasked with holding Objective 2 and Defending Objective 3. Since both are already under control, she chooses to leave her Lord and Tomb Blades in position to defend them if necessary. Meanwhile, she Deep Strikes the Pylon directly into the middle of the battlefield, with the massive cannon slamming into the ground right near objective 5. From there, Eve launched into a salvo, with a massive one-two punch from the Destroyers and the Pylon taking down Kevin’s Razorbacks.
With the first round drawing to a close, Kevin looks to be in trouble, with the Pylon looming over his forces like a grim harbinger of destruction. Will his Grandmaster be able to bring down the mammoth piece of artillery, or will Eve’s forces claim another battle for the Necrons?
If you are not already part of the Members-Only area, click here to join and see how this battle unfolds!

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