Is GW Hinting At The Return of Daemonkin?


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Hey everyone! The Dak here, back from crawling around under your beds to spread the good word of chaos undivided! Vigilus part 2, Chaos boogaloo is fast approaching, and with it a new boxed set with all new minis as well as the promise of still more revamped minis in the Chaos Space Marine line. Then suddenly, things get even spicier with a new teaser!

And if you were thinking the title was mere click-bait to lure you to my article, GW says it right at the end of the teaser, “The Daemonkin Arise.” This could mean big things for Chaos players everywhere, especially those with fond memories of the Khorne Daemonkin codex of editions past. Now, while this doesn’t mean we are getting a straight up Daemonkin codex, it does seem to indicate we may be seeing new Demonic CSM units, and hopefully some synergy and support for those and existing CSM units the the daemon keywords.

Currently, the only Primaris equivalent units CSM have are possessed, which GW has been hinting will be getting new, updated miniatures. Now, all in all there is a reason you don’t really see them on the table much. They don’t really synergize all that well with the rest of the codex, something that introducing some new units and characters could address.  Such as a certain someone with the title, “ Master of Possessions.”

Now you might be saying, “Dak, what about chaos daemon HQs? They have abilities and psychic powers that can target those units with the Daemon keyword.” Well, you’re right, which is where the new Venomcrawler will almost certainly come into play.

The Venomcrawler is said to thin the fabric of reality and make it easier for Daemons to show up and eat faces. Perhaps it will make summoning easier, more reliable, or extend its range. Any of these would make summoning that Daemon Prince, or herald, much more enticing as a potential strategy. All of this is pointing to new and improved synergy with both CSM Daemon units and Chaos Demons.
Are you excited at the prospect of new Chaos Daemonkin goodness? And to make sure you’re ready if (or when) these new units drop, make sure you check out our full Chaos Space Marines army guide!
See you next time!
Thank you to Games Workshop for the images and videos included in this article. 

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