Is Angron The Red Angel Finally Coming To Warhammer 40K?


It’s the big question: Will we finally see Angron in Warhammer 40? It’s been announced by Games Workshop that World Eater’s are getting their own codex. That means it’s just a question: Will we see Angron in the codex?

One of our pro players Josiah Cook sits down to discuss his thoughts on Angron The Red Angel, whether he will show up in the codex, and a fun story from the lore.

What do you think? Will we FINALLY see Angron?

If you’re not familiar with with Angron here’s a bit of the background lore to freshen you up from Lexicanum:

Introduction to Angron

Angron (also known as the Red Angel and originally as Angronius of Nuceria, Lord of the Red Sand) is the Primarch of the World Eaters. He was raised on the brutal world of Nuceria, fighting as a gladiator slave and having his aggression enhanced by surgical implants known as the Butcher’s Nails.

The only Primarch taken into service of the Emperor against his will, he fell to Chaos during the Horus Heresy, afterwards becoming a Daemon Prince of Khorne. Savage and in a state of constant rage, he was nonetheless renowned for his battle-prowess and alongside Leman Russ and Vulkan was considered one of the most physically powerful Primarchs. The Chaos emissary to Lorgar called him the Fighter.

Angron Biography

During the Scattering, the boy that would become known as Angron was thrown to the Civilised World of Nuceria, far from Terra. He plummeted into the icy mountains of that planet, and not long after a slaver found him, and a scene of carnage. Surrounding the wounded young Primarch were the corpses of numerous Xenos.

Imperial scholars would later theorise that they were Eldar who had foreseen the great bloodshed that Angron would cause and had tried unsuccessfully to stop him. After being enslaved and nursed back to health by the planet’s ruling masters known as High-Riders, Angron was brought to the planet’s capital Desh’ea.

Still a frightened young child, he was subsequently dumped into a pit consisting of a single ziggurat with hundreds of other slaves. Acid filled the pit, and to the cheers of the spectators Angron was eventually forced to kill all around him into other to stand upon the ziggurat’s uppermost platform and survive. Shedding a tear for the last time, Angron was proclaimed a promising newcomer to Desh’a’s arena combat and given the name Angron-Thal’kr, which meant Child of the Mountain and property of House Thal’kr.

After this, Angron became a famed gladiator known as The Unbeaten, becoming a fan-favorite of Desh’ea and reaping many victories. The closest thing he had to a father during this time was the older Gladiator Oenomaus, but after the duo managed to slay two Berserk Ogryns his masters ordered the two to fight one another to the death. Angron refused, and the High-Riders ordered that he undergo a psycho-surgery known as the Butcher’s Nails as punishment.

Upon being implemented with the Nails, Angron was loosed upon Oenomaus and killed him in a blind frenzy. When Angron regained his senses, the despair of this revelation caused him to unleash a bestial howl for days.

The Primarch Angron

The death of Oenomaus proved to be the last straw for Angron, and he led a slave revolt among his fellow gladiators. Gathering a great army of slaves they fled into the mountains of the planet, where he lived for several years. The civilized cities sent armies to destroy Angron, but none were able to oust the Primarch and met the same demise. Nonetheless, the issue was never in doubt, his forces had little to eat in the barren mountains and were exhausted from the constant battling.

His fate seemed sealed when seven well-equipped armies surrounded Angron and his starving forces. In desperation, Angron fed his trusted comrades his own blood to keep them alive. Just as the battle was about to begin, the Emperor of Mankind’s Fleet arrived in orbit over the planet. The Emperor teleported directly to Angron’s point of deployment with a few trusted Adeptus Custodes.

The Emperor promised Angron a legion made in his image, limitless power, and lifetimes spent perfecting the Art of Conquest. But, to his surprise, Angron refused. He chose instead to die amongst his comrades while fighting his oppressors. Reluctantly, the Emperor returned to his flagship above. Yet just as the battle was about to begin, the Emperor teleported Angron against his will back up to the fleet.

He could only watch in anguish as those he regarded as his brothers and comrades were quickly annihilated. In a rage, Angron killed one of the members Custodes which surrounded him but was forced into a state of submission by the Emperor’s psychic might. Angron angrily asked why the Emperor not intervene to save his comrades upon Nuceria’s surface, but the Emperor dismissed the question as lacking vision.

He was the Emperor and had his eyes set upon the Galaxy, not a single tyrant battling a slave revolt. The Emperor expressed hope that Angron in time would learn to understand what he had done. Angron stated to the Emperor that he was meant to die upon Nuceria, and now but a ghost remains. The Emperor replied that a ghost would suffice for what he had planned for him.

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