Genestealers Cults Tactics: Warhammer 40k 9th Edition


Thieving. Infectious. First strikers. Long game enthusiasts. This is your introduction to Genestealers Cults Tactics!

By the time the Imperial forces realized the Genestealers were a problem, it was too late. Genestealers infect beings throughout the galaxy, creating cultists eager to greet the “Ascension” – or the destruction of the Imperium via an oncoming Tyranid army.

Introduction to Genestealers of Warhammer 40K 9th Edition: Genestealers Lore

Within the void as well as the massive galaxy, there’s no telling how many individuals have been infected by Genestealers. The infection manifests as various uprisings, new power groups, and outright rebellions. Often, Genstealers and their cultists are only detectable once it’s too late for Imperial forces, making them all the more threatening. Because the leadership of many worlds doesn’t actively search for Genestealer cultists and Genestealers, they fester until it’s time to make a move as a formidable force. 

How does an Imperial planet become aware of a Genestealer problem? Evidence manifests in the form of cultish graffiti about Star Children, sudden disappearances of random individuals, and thefts or damage to military equipment and other property. In short: by the time a Genestealer presence is noticed, it’s already far too late. They are in the ground, among society, and have perhaps even infiltrated local and global governments. 

The zealous cultists are first strikers in combat, but only after biding their time via true infiltration. On top of that, Genestealer cultists can infiltrate the Imperial military. While this removes most of the unit-specific rules of the Imperial military unit, the Genestealers gain some of the unit’s general skills. This is an army that knows their enemy due to this specific and personal level of infiltration. 

Premature or unplanned conflict may occur if the Genestealers have infiltrated a planet that faces external invasion. After all, they’ve infested the planet, and they aren’t willing to give it up to outsiders or new galactic foes. 

What is Genestealer Ascension in Warhammer 40K 9th Edition?

Genestealer Cult Tactics
Genestealer Cult by DarkMechanic

Genestealer Ascension occurs when it’s time for the Genestealers and Genestealer cultists to reveal themselves and perform an armed takeover of the society they’ve infiltrated. With subterfuge revealed, the attack is typically sudden and severe, heralding an oncoming swarm and invasion of Tyranids.

What Does a Genestealer Ascension Look Like?

Genestealer Ascension can seem at first like an uprising of the downtrodden: those doomed to mines, trash hauling, and other deplorable activities required by society suddenly rising to take power for themselves. However, this isn’t a low-level, low-brow rebellion: the Genestealer Cultists are organized tacticians, heavily armed (often with stolen equipment). They preach about the oppressive nature of the empire, and then they strike. They prophesy the arrival of the Star Children (which are actually Tyranids who come to eat the inhabitants of the planet). By the time of the Genestealer Ascension on any given planet, the army is comprised of generations of infected, mutated, decaying, alien-looking beings who are proud of their obvious deformities. 

As fighting continues, so does infection. Infighting breaks out among Imperial forces and local law enforcement as well as civilians. More Genestealers come from areas of lower population to join the struggle against the oppressive Empire. 

Because the Genestealers are focused on overthrowing Imperial rule, what looks like a successful rebellion can even turn non-infected civilians and workers against the Empire. Due to this, ground changes hands quickly. 

Needless to say, this reveal is terrifying, fierce, and sudden. 

The Patriarch then arises, and along with a Magus, employs psychic influence to finish the first phase of the fight. Then comes the full Tyarnid invasion. It is only in this moment that the cultists realize what has truly transpired as they then fall victim to the very Tyranids they worshipped as Star Children. In short, they’ve become dinner.

The Genestealers emit a psychic signal from the Broodmind, serving as a beacon to lead the invading forces towards them, sealing their own fate in addition to the planet they’ve infiltrated. 

How Many Genestealer Generations Pass Before a Full Invasion?

Typically, four generations manifest before a Genestealer force is ready for Ascension. The fourth generation looks largely Human and are therefore capable of deep infiltration in highly influential roles. The Magus, the Biophagus, and the Primus typically emerge in this final, fourth generation. 

Additionally, Genestealers usually start by infiltrating the bottom ranks of society and working their way up to the highest ranks. This makes them particularly dangerous: by the time a high-level decision maker betrays society and reveals themselves as a Genestealer Cultist, lower class conflicts have already begun and Imperial personnel are being hacked to death with mining equipment and other crude weapons. 

Because the Imperial Guard is filled with the poor, low masses, infiltrating them first is critical to a Genestealer Ascension starting with the lower ranks. This is known as a Genestealer Curse.

How Long Do Genestealers Lie in Wait?

The time it takes for Genestealers to fully infiltrate an Imperial society can be up to hundreds of years in lengths. In that time, Genestealers may be directed off-planet to infect and infiltrate other worlds. 

What is the Broodmind in Warhammer 40K 9th Edition Genestealer Cult Army?

The Broodmind is a synaptic link between the Genestealers and the Patriarch. This is why destroying a Patriarch can have a devastating effect on the Genestealers. That said, a Patriarch is often freshly replaced.

How Should You Paint Genestealers in 9th Edition?

Ninth edition Genestealers vary in coloration depending on their specific cult. Their glyphs are also cult-dependent. Cult loyalty, whether overt or subtle, is always supreme for Genestealers and they should be painted with that in mind.

How Large Do Genestealer Cults Grow?

The size of a Genestealer Cult Army is largely dependent upon the size of the planet they’re intent on infiltrating, seizing, and leading to the Star Children (Tyranids) for consumption. However, even incredibly large Genestealer populations are typically limited to one Patriarch at a time. 

What Worlds Are Ideal for Genestealer Cult Infestation?

Highly populated worlds are best for Genestealer Cult infiltration and infestation. The more members of the working class there are in a society, the better for the initial power play of the Genestealers. 

Additionally, a world of the masses controlled by few with means are especially ripe for the taking. In this type of society, there’s a large chance to incite rebellion and influential members of society can have a huge impact on the success of an invasion. In short, one turncoat makes a big difference. 

Furthermore, the Genestealer Patriarch has warbands known as Claws. When deployed, Claws can complete special tasks or areas of focus. We’ll talk more about Genestealer Claws in Warhammer 9th Edition when we discuss how to use Genestealer Warbands. 

What Do Genestealers Look Like?

The appearance of Genestealers depends upon the generation and how close the Genestealer Cult is to Ascension. Fourth generation Genestealers, appearing in the upper echelons of government and other areas of high influence, often look Human and sometimes lack hair. 

Hybrids and earlier generations have a noticeable extra set of arms and often brandish syncthing claws. 

Play Genestealers If You…

  • Like motorcycles, mining equipment, hand flamers, and lasers
  • Want to paint some gritty, badass first strikers
  • Enjoy subterfuge and sabotage tactics
  • Prefer playing meticulous planners
  • Like dramatic reveals and fast advances
  • Wish to play a force that initially functions as freedom fighters
  • Are fascinated by cults and uprisings
  • Like facehuggers
  • Enjoy playing multiple generations of altered beings in one army
  • Are skilled with shock troop tactics
  • Like the element of surprise
  • Want an army that can swarm
  • Wish to oppose Custodes
  • Could use some auto-hits in your life (or army)
  • Want deep strike capabilities
  • Will deploy ambush tactics quickly

Genestealer Cults Tactics in Warhammer 9th Edition

Full Army 2019 Cult Genestealer by Granamir
Full Army 2019 Cult Genestealer by Granamir by Granamir

Ninth edition provides a significant overview of Genestealer Characters, martial units, and Cult Creeds. The Genestealer Cult Creeds are as follows:

Cult of the Four-Armed Emperor

Keywords: Industry, secrets, darkness, subterranean worker bees

These are the Genestealers who lurk underground. These cultists are extremely productive and therefore recruited by various establishments on certain planets. Naturally, the Cult of the Four-Armed Emperor, once shipped out to worlds in need due to their productivity, spread Purestrain Genstealers.

The Hivecult

Keywords: Organized, strategic, subversive, divine

The Hivecultists focus on weapons procurement. They operate using ritual killings and shadowy operations. They are particularly adept at infiltrating the Astra Militarum at just the right time. The Hivecult can take over larger areas of land quickly thanks to this strategy and get to every strata of society simultaneously. 

The Bladed Cog

Keywords: Metal, man/machine integration

The Bladed Cog Cultists are cogs in the machine of the Imperium, forming and fitting in with the foundations of society. With the help of the Holy Machine, they consider it their divine duty to integrate alien beings and machine for effective infiltration and domination. They worship the Omnissiah. 

The Rusted Claw

Keywords: Nomadic, endurance, attrition

Living on the fringe is an ideal way to convert those displeased with a government. It’s also an excellent way to avoid getting caught. Constantly on the move, the nomadic Rusted Claw Cult goes often without resupply – they can last weeks with no water or food. Many prefer pistols. They are nihilists who see the reality of entropy in the galaxy. 

The Pauper Princes

Keywords: Manic zealotry, self-sacrifice

The Pauper Princes relish in the idea of giving up their own lives in the service of the Patriarch. They are obsessively self-sacrificing. This is due to the actions of their first Magus, who was a Martyr. Claws of Pauper Princes typically include many Neophyte Hybrids happy to serve as meat shields. 

The Twisted Helix

Keywords: Bio-horrors, experimentation, corruption

Instead of worshipping deities, the Twisted Helix Biophaguses worship themselves and see members of the Twisted Helix as shells open for experimentation. They use chemicals, medicines, and other alterations experimentally in warfare. 

The below 9th Edition Genestealer Cults add flavor to the game. Cult units can subscribe to Cult Creeds and also have unique Cult Stratagems. They have special Warlord Traits, Relics, and Psychic Powers. 

  • Innerwyrm: Makes use of parasites, carving flesh, and daily slaughtering
  • Behemold Undercult: They scar themselves with ritual as an homage to Old One Eye and prefer heavy armoured engines and rams.
  • Star Kindred: Truth seekers and visionaries who wield light and blaze their enemies to honor their solar god.
  • Sons of Jormungandr: Stowaways and infestors, they are known for patience and spread the Curse far. 
  • Blessed Wormlings: Strictly bug-eaters, these are a death-thematic Genestealer Cult. They want to eat the bugs that eat their enemies, believing they can gain the strength of their enemies in this fashion.
  • The Cult Hydraic: Psychically connected, splinter cells of this cult will respond immediately to attacks against other cells. 

Genestealers Warhammer 9th Edition Stratagems

Cult-Specific Stratagems

A Plan Generations in the Making

Cult: Cult of the Four-Armed Emperor

Type: Strategic Ploy Stratagem

What it looks like: Infinite preparations are the specialty of the Cult of the Four-Armed Emperor. 

How it works: You can only use this Stratagem once, but when your opponent uses a Stratagem (minus a Command Re-roll), it costs your opponent +1 CP to use the Stratagem once more.

Cost: 0 CP

Fire Discipline

Cult: The Hivecult

Type: Battle Tactic Stratagem

What it looks like: The Hivecult emit devastating firestorms, surrounding their enemies in painful. 

How it works: When you select a Hivecult Core Crossfire unit during your Shooting phase, choose an enemy unit with no crossfire marker. The selected enemy unit then gets a crossfire marker and this occurs before resolving any attacks versus that unit. It lasts until the end of the phase and models in your Crossfire unite may only target the specified enemy unit. 

Cost: 1 CP

Xenoform Bionics

Cult: Bladed Cog

Type: Requisition Stratagem

What it looks like: This is ultimate cyborg preparation.

How it works: This occurs during Muster. Choose a Bladed Cog Biker or Bladed Cog Infantry. Any models in your selected unit get +5 invulnerable save. The Stratagem cost varies depending on Power Rating.

Cost: 1 CP/2 CP

Drive-By Demolitions

Cult: Rusted Claw

Type: Battle Tactic Stratagem

What it looks like: In true drive-by fashion, Rusted Claw Cultists drop grenades and then leave their enemies in the dust. 

How it works: Deploy this Stratagem after your Rusted Claw Atalan unit makes a Normal Move, Falls Back, or Advances in your Movement phase. As though in Shooting phase, a single model in that unit can shoot with a Grenade weapon with a special set of contingent rules. 

Cost: 1 CP

Vengeance for the Martyred

Cult: Pauper Princes

Type: Battle Tactic Stratagem

What it looks like: Things go awry if the Pauper Princes are unable to properly defend their beloved religious leaders. This leads them into a frenzy. 

How it works: When an enemy unit destroys a Pauper Princes Character in your army, whenever a Pauper Princes model attacks in melee against the offending enemy unit, the attack’s wound roll gets a +1. This lasts until the end of the battle.

Cost: 1 CP

Monstrous Bio-Horrors

Cult: The Twisted Helix

Type: Strategic Ploy Stratagem

What it looks like: Adrenal sacs from the Twisted Helix Cultists release a substance that drives them into a frenzy of adrenaline-induced massacre.

How it works: Deploy this Stratagem when you choose a Twisted Helix Abominant or a Twisted Helix Aberrant unit to fight in the Fight phase. This Stratagem unlocks special frenzy and Morale test bonus rules.

Cost: 1 CP

Standard Genestealer Cult Stratagems

Below, find the standard Genestealer Cult Stratagems. These are not cult-specific unless otherwise indicated. To use them, you need Genestealer Cults Detachments in your army.

Genestealer Battle Tactic Stratagems

Bore Through

What it looks like: Broodkin drill and saw their way through enemy lines, cutting flesh to make way.

How it works: Use this Stratagem with a Genestealer Cults unit in the Fight phase, until the end of the phase. Whenever a model in your selected unit attacks using an industrial weapon, you can re-roll the wound roll if you are making the attack against a Vehicle or Monster unit.

Cost: 1 CP

Rapid Advance

What it looks like: Moving together as a solid unit, the Genestealers lurch forward quickly.

How it works: Deploy this Stratagem when a Genestealer Cults Vehicle, Genestealer Cults Biker, or Genestealer Cults Genestealer advances. Use during your Movement phase until the end of the phase. Instead of rolling an Advance roll, get +6 inches to Move for all the unit’s models.

Cost: 1 CP

One With the Shadows

What it looks like: Genestealers seep into the shadows to avoid enemy fire.

How it works: This Stratagem is for use in the Shooting phase of your opponent and lasts until the end of that phase. Use when your opponent targets your Genestealer Cults Infantry unit to access special armor bonuses when your unit is getting the benefit of cover.

Cost: 1 CP

Dig Them Out

What it looks like: Genestealers are adept at digging in the depths of the earth to produce ore and other usable dregs. They use these skills to access and extract fortified enemies. 

How it works: Deploy this Stratagem during your Shooting phase. It lasts until the end of that phase. Select a Genestealer Cults unit to shoot. Whenever a model in the selected unit uses an industrial weapon to attack a unit within a foot of the unit, it creates an Exposed feature for the unit you’re targeting. 

Cost: 1 CP

Overload Fuel Cells

What it looks like: Machines have lives of their own for the Genestealers, and they absorb that energy and spirit violently to dispense wrath on their enemies.

How it works: This Stratagem is for use with your Genestealer Cults Unit in your Shooting phase or in the Fight phase when your unit performs either Shoot or Fight actions. Whenever you use an industrial weapon for a model in your selected unit, the model may overload the weapon. This adds special Damage and Strength bonuses.

Cost: 1 CP

Monstrous Vigor

What it looks like: Aberrants appear to feel no pain. 

How it works: When an enemy attacks your Abominant or Aberrant unit during an attack in any phase, it gets the equivalent of Space Marine Transhuman. 

Cost: 1 CP / 2 CP

Raking Fire

What it looks like: Genestealer Cultists do significant damage as they roll into firing range.

How it works: Deploy this Stratagem in your Shooting phase. It lasts until the end of the phase. When you select an Achilles Ridgerunners unit or an Atalan unit to shoot, whenever a model in your selected unit attacks, you can re-roll your hit roll if targeting an Exposed target with a crossfire marker. 

Cost: 1 CP

Massed Firearms

What it looks like: Concentrated fire does more damage. This is proof.

How it works: Deploy this Stratagem during your Shooting phase with a Genestealer Cults Crossfire unit with 6+ models. This stratagem lasts until the end of the phase. Whenever a model in your selected unit commits a ranged attack, and all the models in the unit target a single enemy with a crossfire marker, a 6 hit roll (unmodified) wounds the target automatically.

Cost: 1 CP

Genestealer Epic Deed Stratagems

Devoted Crew

What it looks like: The crew fights on despite damage to themselves or their vehicle.

How it works: Deploy this Stratagem in your Command phase. It lasts until the start of your next Command phase. Choose a single Genestealer Cults Vehicle model, which now is as though full wounds remain whenever you must select characteristics from its profile.

Cost: 1 CP


What it looks like: Avoid even cauterization with the quick-healing wounds thanks to Tyranid heritage.

How it works: Choose a Genestealer Cults Character model in your Command phase. The selected model gets lost wounds up to D3.

Cost: 1 CP

Rigged to Blow

What it looks like: No matter the sacrifice, Genestealer cults will make it, giving up any asset to achieve victory. 

How it works: Use when your opponent destroys a Genestealer Cults Vehicle model that includes a cache of demolition charges. This can be used in any phase. The model explodes automatically and you do not have to roll for it.

Cost: 1 CP

Data Parasite

What it looks like: This is an intense cyberattack via Clamavus. 

How it works: Deploy this Stratagem in your Movement phase. The Clamavus targets a Vehicle with degrading Characteristics. On a 3 or more, the targeted model is considered to have half of its remaining wounds on its Characteristics. 

Cost: 1 CP / 2 CP

Legendary Demise

What it looks like: Kelermorphs go down in a brutal, bloody fashion.

How it works: When your opponent’s model destroys your Kelermorph in any phase, don’t remove it. Once the attacker is done with its attacks, your Kelermorph may shoot like it’s in your Shooting phase. Once the attack is resolved, remove the Kelermorph from the battlefield.

Cost: 2 CP

Gestalt Consciousness

What it looks like: Faithful minds enhance the power of psychic abilities. 

How it works: Deploy this Stratagem in your Psychic phase when you use a <Cult> Psychker model to create a Blessing psychic power targeting another unit in your army. The targeted unit can be a <Cult> unit located at any place on the battlefield. In other words, range and visibility requirements are void for this purpose.

1 CP

Reckless Demolitions

What it looks like: Broodkin will detonate explosives in close range regardless of the risk to themselves. Everything for the Star Children.

How it works: Deploy this Stratagem in the Fight phase with a Genestealer Cults unit as you select it to fight. Choose a Grenade weapon equipped model in your selected unit. Until the Fight phase ends, the model can only use the Grenade weapon to attack, and whenever the model attacks with that weapon it gets an automatic hit on an unmodified hit roll of 2 or more.

Cost: 1 CP

Genestealer Requisition Stratagems

Leaders of the Cult

What it looks like: Broodcovens empower their Patriarch to extend his will in combat.

How it works: This Stratagem is for use with a Warlord that is a <Cult> Patriarch. Deploy this Stratagem when mustering your army. Choose one or two other <Cult> models (must have HQ Battlefield Role) and provide one Warlord Trait to each. (These two models only count as a Warlord so you can use those Traits). Every Trait must be unique and this is a single-use Stratagem.

Cost: 1 CP

Gene-Sire’s Gifts

What it looks like: Genestealers have use of ancient weapons and modified relics.

How it works: This Stratagem is for use when you are mustering your army prior to the battle. It works only when your Warlord includes the keyword Genestealer Cults. Choose a Genestealer Cults Character model and assign to them a single Sacred Relic of the Cult (one that they could technically equip). Each model can only have one Relic and all Relics in your army have to be unique. This is a single-use Stratagem unless you’re playing Strike Force (you can use it twice) or Onslaught (in which case you can use it three times). 

Cost: 1 CP

Genestealer Strategic Ploy Stratagems

Pack Hunters

What it looks like: Atalan Jackals set their foes’ attention in another direction, allowing a friendly unit to attack in this opportune moment.

How it works: Choose an enemy unit within 6 inches of a <Cult> Atalan Jackals unit and visible to it during your Shooting phase. This Stratagem lasts until the end of that phase. Whenever a model in a friendly <Cult> unit attacks an enemy unit with a ranged attack, it’s as though the enemy unit is Exposed. 

Cost: 2 CP

Genetic Lineage

What it looks like: Beasts are bloody, but their ferocity is only to be expected when the Genestealer modifications and infections influence hybrids.

How it works: Choose an Acolyte Hybrids or Hybrid Metamorphs unit during your Charge Phase. This Stratagem lasts until the end of your turn. Your selected unit can charge in the same turn it Advanced in. 

Cost: 1 CP

Meticulous Uprising

What it looks like: The long term strategy of the Genestealers comes to fruition. Ascension is nigh!

How it works: Deploy this Stratagem when you would typically reveal your ambush 

Cost: 2 CP

Clandestine Goals

What it looks like: Cultists rely on secrecy generally, but it is also a specifically effective tactic on the battlefield. 

How it works: Deploy this Stratagem once you’ve selected Agendas or secondary objectives. Pick one of your selections but do not tell your opponent. Whenever you score experience points or victory points for your selection, show your opponent. You can only use this Stratagem once and you must write your selection down secretly. 

Cost: 1 CP

Booby Trap

What it looks like: Explosive traps litter the battlefield thanks to Genestealer Cults.

How it works: This Stratagem potentially provides 3 mortal wounds to an enemy unit when you choose objective markers pertaining to Genestealer Cults Core unit or a Reductus Saboteur. When an enemy gets close, the explosive detonates. 

Cost: 1 CP

Lurk in the Shadows

What it looks like: Secrecy is paramount, and shadowy cult members melt into the background, nearly invisible to those nearby.

How it works: Choose a Genestealer Cults Infantry unit during the start of your opponent’s Shooting phase. This lasts until the end of the phase. This Stratagem allows you to remove a Bodyguard ability from an enemy unit and forces your opponent to choose a model other than the closest as their target. 

2 CP

Return to the Shadows

What it looks like: Sneaky Genestealers sneak back into the shadowy underground from whence they came.

How it works: This Stratagem is for use during your Movement phase and allows units to pop off of the battlefield and then back on again during your Reinforcements step of your following Movement phase. Any unit not on the battlefield due to this Stratagem is destroyed at the end of the battle.

Cost: 1 CP 

Covering Fire

What it looks like: Enemies must hunker down when Broodkin fire upon them. 

How it works: Choose an enemy that has a crossfire marker during your Charge phase. This Stratagem lasts until the end of your turn. The unit you selected can’t Set to Defend, fire Overwatch, or deploy Heroic Interventions.

Cost: 1 CP

Tunnel Crawlers

What it looks like: Genestealers can get in and out of nearly impossible positions due to their tunneling proficiencies (and in some cases, extra limbs). This allows them to attack the enemy unexpectedly.

How it works: This Stratagem allows you to choose an Area Terrain feature and impose severe limits on enemy units within the feature. 

Cost: 1 CP

Fanatical Devotion

What it looks like: Self-sacrifice is the name of the game as Genestealers will do anything for their cult masters. 

How it works: Your Core units can move further in defense of a <Cult> Primus, <Cult> Patriarch, or <Cult>, sometimes moving double its initial range to do so. 

Cost: 1 CP

Roaming Engagement

What it looks like: Genestealer units take cover after quickly striking.

How it works: This Stratagem is for use following attacks with an Achilles Ridgerunners unit or an Atalan. Deploy the Stratagem in your shooting phase; it lasts until the end of your turn. Your selected unit can go up to 7 inches as a Normal move, just as if it was your Movement phase. You cannot declare a charge with the selected unit until the end of your turn. 

Cost: 2 CP

Coordinated Assault

What it looks like: Genestealers fire upon the enemy before the Broodkin charge. 

How it works: Pick an enemy unit that has a crossfire marker in the beginning of your Fight phase. The unit you select must be within a Genestealer Cults unit’s Engagement Range. The enemy unit you’ve picked is not able to fight until your other eligible units have done so. This lasts until the end of your Fight phase.

Cost: 1 CP

Neural Overload

What it looks like: Psychic connections to blades permit Sancutses to use psychic connections to harm their enemies. This is due to neurological agents that the Sanctuses paint onto their blades.

How it works: Deploy this Stratagem during your fight phase or Shooting phase after you have attacked with a Sanctus model. If your enemy’s model wasn’t destroyed but did lose wounds, roll 3D6. Compare the result to the enemy model’s Leadership characteristic. If your roll was higher, the enemy’s unit loses its aura abilities until the start of your next Shooting phase; additionally, if the targeted unit is a Psyker, the unit must take Perils of the Warp. You can only use this Stratagem one time on each unit. 

Cost: 1 CP

Summon Familiar

What it looks like: Broodmind works together to pull shadowy creatures from the shadows.

How it works: Choose a Genestealer Cults model equipped with an alchemicus familiar or psychic familiar. The familiar’s ability must have already been used. Deploy this Stratagem in your command phase. The selected model gets to use its familiar’s ability in the battle – just once. You can use this Stratagem multiple times, but only once per model.

Cost: 1 CP

Primed Explosive

What it looks like: Biophaguses have armed the explosive with unstable compounds, making it more deadly.

How it works: Deploy this Stratagem in your shooting phase. You must deploy after a Genestealer Cults model shoots with demolition charges or a Grenade weapon. This Stratagem lasts until the end of the phase. Do not roll to figure out the number of attacks the weapon makes; instead, it automatically makes the maximum number of attacks the weapon could make. 

Cost: 1 CP

Frequently Asked Questions About 9th Edition Genstealers

Are Genestealer Cults Competitive?

Genestealer Cults are competitive in 9th edition. They are an effective strike force. If you like aggressive, quick hit play, give them a try.

Can Genestealers Infect Orks?

While Orks are not a preferred species for Genestealers to infect or infiltrate, it is possible for them to do so.

Are there Female Genestealers?

Many Genestealers have indistinguishable features due to their alien appearance. However, there are female Genestealers, including the female Genestealer Magus. (The female Magus is also one of the more impressive Genestealer models.) 

Check back soon for our 9th Edition Genestealers Tactics. In the meantime, please let us know what you think about what Games Workshop has done with Genestealers in this edition. 

Genestealers Warhammer 9th Edition Relics

To equip your Genestealers with Relics, your army must be led by a Gensetealer Cults Warlord. A Genestealer Cults Character model you control gets one of the following Sacred Relics of the Cult if you so choose.

When you choose to use a Sacred Relic of the Cult, the Relic’s rules replace the <Cult> Keyword. The Relics often replace an existing piece of equipment, so choose wisely when building your army and equipping Genestealer Relics. 

Sword of the Void’s Eye

What it looks like: This weapon includes a synaptic node of the Hive Mind itself, assisting in spying. The Relic learns enemy tactics and understands them, providing intelligence and guidance to its bearer.

How it works: The Sword of the Void’s Eye only works on models already equipped with a Locas blade or cult bonesword. The Relic replaces the existing weapon. When your model attacks with the weapon, you get a re-roll to hit roll and wound roll. The melee weapon has a +2 SP, -3 AP, 2 D profile. 

Hand of Aberrance 

What it looks like: The Hand of Aberrance Relic, this is an injector claw that places mutagens in those it grips. The body breaks and blooms as it absorbs the toxin rapidly.

How it works: This Relic works only with a model already equipped with a toxin injector claw. It replaces the claw and gets a unique weapons profile and the ability to get +1 attack with the weapon whenever its bearer fights. It also gets a potential success on an unmodified wound roll of two or more.

Amulet of the Voidwyrm

What it looks like: This beautiful and entrancing amulet Relic is shaped like a crescent moon and made from the exoskeleton of a Norn-Queen. It holds the Shadow of the Warp and ruins the minds of enemies.

How it works: The bearer of the relic gets +4 invulnerable save. The bearer can use the amulet to channel Shadow of the Warp once per battle when attacked. When this happens, it gets an automatic 6 on the saving throw. The amulet Relic also prevents enemy units who charged from firing Overwatch or Set to Defend.

Oppressor’s Bane

What it looks like: This Relic is particularly rare due to the craftsmanship with which it was created. Its weight is perfect for a pistol. 

How it works: The Oppressor’s Bane Relic works only on models that already have an autopistol. The bearer gets the Crossfire keyword and ability and the Relic places the original autopistol. The target of an attack with this weapon is Exposed for the attack as though it has a crossfire marker. The Relic also gets a special profile with a 15 inch range.

Wyrmtooth Rounds

What it looks like: These are rounds produced by a parasite; the Relic is a living weapon that creates particularly piercing rounds.

What it does: You may only equip Wyrmtooth Rounds Relic on a Kelermorph model. You get to choose how many liberator autostubs it’s equipped with, accompanied by a special profile and an 18 inch range.

Dagger of Swift Sacrifice

What it looks like: Steeped in legendary ancient ritual, this lethal blade is tainted with sadistic feelings and tendencies. 

How it works: You can only equip this Relic on a model with an existing Magus bio-dagger or Sanctus bio-dagger. Whenever you select this model to fight, you get one wound re-roll while attacking. After it’s fought, the model gets a D6-based roll for additional mortal wounds.

The Crouchling

What it looks like: This is a tiny creature with a large psychic presence. It can cause hallucinations in enemies.

How it works: This Relic only works with a model already equipped with a psychic familiar. That familiar’s ability gets replaced with this one’s. You can re-roll one Psychic test for this model per Psychic phase. When it passes a Psychic test, its action can’t be denied if the dice results for the test were identical.

The Gift from Beyond

What it looks like: This Relic is a blood-painted rifle, but it’s not just any blood covering the weapon: it’s the blood of the Patriarch. This makes the bearer into the ultimate predator, increasing the effectiveness of the weapon. 

How it works: The Gift from Beyond Relic only works on a model already using a cult sniper rifle, and the Relic replaces that rifle. The weapon gets a profile including a whopping 48 inch range. When you choose a target with this weapon, you don’t have to follow the Look Out, Sir rule. You also get an extra chance for mortal wound damage.

The Unwilling Orb

What it looks like: This orb is an entrancing gem taken from a famous Imperial Navigator’s skull.

How it works: The Unwilling Orb Relic only works with Psyker models. When the bearer of this relic tries to manifest Witchfire or Malediction, get a +1 attempt to the Psychic test. When the bearer of this relic is present on the battlefield, when it denies a psychic power, there is no range limit to this ability. Also, the bearer can try to deny an extra psychic power during your opponent’s Psychic phase.

Cranial Inlay

What it looks like: The Cranial Inlay Relic is heretical, interfacing the bearer’s mind with the Nexos in hopes of achieving ascension before mental burnout.

How it works: You can only use the Cranial Inlayu on a Nexus model. You can use the bearer’s Strategic Coordination ability an extra time each turn. There is also an opportunity for a Command Point return when the bearer is present on the battlefield. 

The Voice of the Liberator

What it looks like: This Relic is an esophageal worm which entrenches itself into the bearer, amplifying cries and orders.

How it works: You may only use The Voice of the Liberator on a Clamavas model. You get an additional 6 inches to the Proclamation Hailer and Voice of New Truth abilities’ range. If a friendly <Cult> unit is within a foot of the model bearing this Relic, get +1 to the Leadership characteristic of all models in this specific unit.

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