HUGE Tyranids 9th Edition Update


Alright, so you want to know what happened to the Tyranids 9th edition update to their FAQ? We’ve got you coveredEverything you could possibly want to know about the huge update to this faction

Fixes to the Tyranids’ Bugs

  • The Hive Tyrant can no longer dual-wield a Bio-Cannon.
  • Adaptive Physiologies no longer work on Character models. Nope, none!
  • Zoanthropes have received the Synapse Keyword.
  • Tyrannocyte must now be deployed 9″ away from enemies.
  • Overrun can be used as a normal move, not in replacement of Consolidate.
update to tyranids

Changes to Tyranid Gameplay

• Power of the Hive Mind will only work on Psykers.
• Encircle the Prey will activate at the end of the movement phase
• Enraged Reserves will not have any effect on Maleceptor’s Mortal Wounds
• Psychic Action will cost one turn no matter if you’re using Maleceptor’s Synaptic Imperative

Hive Tyrant AND Winged Hive Tyrant Changes in This FAQ Update

The changes to dual-wielding Walkrant were theorized by man, and this will change the typical two-detachment build. We believe that a Tyrant is required, and that slot in your army should definitely belong to a Flyrant with fully maxed Relic/Traits. 

The Flyrant’s job should remain the same as before: move out of Obscure terrain, kill some weaker units, and Overrun back to cover. However, now that the rules have changed, if you wiff your roll, or your opponent knows how Overrun works and purposely consolidates surviving models into your Flyrant, you are doomed, as we no longer have the privilege of Encircle the Prey to wipe up the mess for us. 

This should change how relics and weapons are chosen for your Flyrant. While Reaper of Obliterax is your choice to maximize damage, if you want to kill small units it’s probably wise to choose two Scything Talons, Adrenal Glands, and Maw-Claw of Thyrax. This combo will give you 8+D3 (With Adrenal Gland Stratagem) attacks that have built-in reroll wounds. Then, kill enough units over the course of the game and you will get up to 3 extra attacks from the relic. 

Then we’ve got to talk about Walkrant. Clearly, the most nerfed of this FAQ update is the Tyrant guards. These units lost the ability to Bodyguard, but there’s really no point in bringing them out because they don’t have a Tyrant to actually bodyguard. Flyrant doesn’t need bodyguarding because they can Overrun into hiding again.

Overall though, it’s see ya later don’t let the door hit ya on the way out. Additionally, there’s another Chapter Approved arriving soon and this will prepare all of us Tyranid players for that new release. When it arrives, as we’ve reported previously, you’ll start with less Command Points and build them over time, so doubling up on your patrol attachments in order to field a second Tyrant is redundant.

update to maleceptor

Changes to Maleceptor

To be blunt: you want to include one in your army. For those of you that have two and wanted to Turn One wreck your opponent with Tyrannocyte… that tactic won’t be missed.

The Maleceptor can now only deal six mortal wounds with Psychic Overload a turn. Previously, it could cast three and one psychic action.

The Maleceptor has had its mortal would abilities cut short. You’ll now have to make a tough decision when fielding this unit between keeping the -1S aura or using a psychic ability. This is going to significantly reduce it’s utility.

In The End Tyrands Will Win

At the end of the day: WOW. I really expected the worst from this update. The Maleceptor changes were anticipated and were done without hindering the army beyond use. I’m very pleased and can’t wait to play around with these changes to see how they play out.

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