How To Use Grenades in Warhammer 40k 9th Edition


This is a breakdown on how to use grenades in Warhammer 40k 9th Edition.

The rule is very simple, only one model in a unit can throw a grenade.

So even if all five models in a unit have grenades, only one of them is allowed to throw a grenade.

How to Grenades in Warhammer in 40K

The reason? Grenade spam.

In older editions, people would have all 5 models throwing grenades. A grenade is almost always better than any other weapon that unit would have.

So Games Workshop changed the rule to state that only one model in a unit that can throw a grenade.

The next frequently asked question: “If I throw a grenade with a model, can I fire any other weapon with that model?”

The answer is no.

Once you throw a grenade, you actually lose the right to fire any other weapon that model may have.

Here’s another example: Primaris Intercessors have grenade launchers. And a grenade launcher can fire a grenade at a 30-inch range. But again, only one model can fire that grenade launcher, because technically it is a “grenade.”

Now, let’s cover some stratagems you can use.

Grenades in Warhammer 40K

The Death Guard have blight bombardment, which allows every model in the unit to be able to throw grenades. Which is absolutely insane.


Because blight grenades can be turned into hyper blight grenades, and you end up having 5 strength 4 grenades that re-roll wound rolls of 1, and do 2 damage each, and inflict mortal wounds on 6’s for wound rolls.

So there are some impressive grenade combos that you can take advantage of if you look for them.

In general, know that only one model in the unit is going to be able to throw a grenade and cannot fire any other weapon when it does.

That covers the basics of how to use grenades in Warhammer 40k 9th Edition. We have also covered How to Use Pistols in Warhammer 40K in 9th Edition.

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