How to paint: Dark Angel Legion Praetor


This is how to paint Dark Angel Legion Praetor. We love painting here at Nights at The Game Table. The skill, dedication and time that it takes to master the talent is one of the best and most challenging parts of the hobby. It’s also one of the most rewarding.

Knowing how to paint well is a different matter altogether. We’ve all had to start at the bottom, hastily throwing paint on a miniature to get it ready for the table top. It’s not a good feeling!

We don’t believe you have to stay there and we are committed to helping you get better at painting. Not just better, but faster too! To that end we’ve gone out to find some of the best painting masters on the internet to share their knowledge and skills with you!

Dark Angel Legion Praetor Tutorial

This tutorial was created by Onion Knight Painting Studio. The method used in this article is simple, effective and can be used again and again. He has done an incredible job of breaking the process down into easy steps. 

Let’s get into painting

Step 1:

how to paint sigvalds silver sword and shield

Step 2:

painting tutorial on sigvald

Step 3:

silver sword and shield painting

Step 4:

Sigvald silver sword and shield painting

Step 5:

silver sword and shield painting tutorial

Step 6:

Painting tutorial on silver sword and shield for sigvald

Step 7:

sigvalds silver sword and shield

Step 8:

final step of sigvalds silver sword and shield

Colors used:

paint colors used when painting sigvald

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