Hats Off to This Week's Rumor Engine!


A brand new week means a brand new entry into the Rumor Engine from Games Workshop. This time, GW may have dropped a little hint that needs reading between the lines – literally.
What we are seeing here could be a crown of some sort, or a helm at the very least.  The oval-like object in the middle could be a gem placed at the center of either a crown or a helmet. It’s possible that it could be an ornament of the headgear.  Of course, there’s no shortage of opulent headgear in the 40K universe, and GW seems content to keep us guessing like always.
With that in mind, who are the possible candidates where we could derive this from? Based on what we’ve seen, there are two models who are likely to possess this fancy jeweled headdress, one from the Age of Sigmar and the other from 40k.

  1. Since the Age of Sigmar is pretty big in GW’s pipeline lately, we could be looking at an upcoming model for that game.  Slaanesh from the AoS loves to stay fancy and own fancy things in life. And, nothing screams fancy better than a jewel in a crown.

  1. Since the object in this week’s rumor engine has that fancy vibe to it, we can’t help but associate it with the Ynnead. If there’s a faction in 40k that could possibly be sporting jewels on a headdress, it’s probably them. But, then again, GW already laid out all of their cards for the soon-to-be-released codex and factions, and the Ynnead isn’t one of them.

Hopefully, their upcoming announcements will give us some leads on what this could possibly be. How about you? What’s your guess? Let us know!

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