GW has tipped the scales with this new mini!


As always, GW is teasing us with a closeup of another mini this week, and this one appears to be some type of scales. The world of Warhammer 40K is full of eldritch beasts, and we can’t say for sure which one these scales belong to.
Clearly, we can rule out most Eldari and T’au forces, as well as the majority of Space Marines (barring maybe a few of the Chaos chapters), which does narrow the playing field somewhat. It’s unlikely that this is an Ork, due to the scales probably being too large for most of the boyz.
Based on this, our best guess would be some sort of daemon, possibly one of the ones from the new Wrath and Rapture set!
But, that’s still a TON of different options, so we’d love to hear your feedback as to what you think it could be!

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